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7 Ways You Are Aging Your Skin

Posted by Dana Ramos, author of the best-selling book: The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin on Aug 15, 2019

Have you been enjoying the summer so far? Great! Does part of that enjoyment involve getting a tan? Mmmm. Read on, dear…

1. Sun exposure is the NUMBER ONE way you are aging your skin, and pretty quickly, too (you’d be surprised). I mean, if you look at parts of your skin that have never been exposed to the sun or have had very little exposure—such as under your arms, your breasts, your buttocks--you can see what ALL your skin on your body would look like if you had protected your skin from the sun. In other words, you’d have smooth, line-free, spot-free skin (for the most part).

It’s never too late to protect your skin and slow aging: Use sunscreen every day on your face, because even indoor lighting can age your skin and the effect is cumulative. Try the Cotz brand of sunscreen for non-pore-blocking protection. You might want to put some on your hands, too, because you know the hands give away our age, too!

I’ll give you some more sun-damage and other age reversal tips in a bit; read on…

2. Smoking is the second worst thing for your skin (and lungs). Not just the smoking itself, but the constant pursing of your lips around a cigarette—or a straw—will create those lip lines we all dread. (For serious upper lip repair, try the Lip Peel Intense Restoration Kit.)

3. Did you know that sleeping in hot rooms can age you? Research has shown hot room sleeping will age your entire body. People who habitually sleep in colder rooms have fewer health issues overall.

4. Sleeping on your stomach creates temporary wrinkles by creating pressure on your face—and those lines will eventually turn into permanent ones. If you can, learn to sleep on your back.

5. Eating too little fat is not a big problem for most of us, but those who try to limit all fats from their diet will find wrinkles appearing faster. Our body needs some fat to process nutrients and hormones and keep our skin smooth and moisturized.

6. Dry skin wrinkles very easily and is prone to more infections. Moisturize! For a great all-around moisturizer, try the Basics Alphabet creams, in the daytime and/or nighttime formulations.

7. Not using anti-age products will age your skin. It is never too early to start your skin on anti-aging products. Almost every dermatologist encourages their over-age-30 clients to start using retinols or Retin-A as part of their anti-aging regime (see more on this below). In addition to giving your skin better complexion, it also helps reverse the sun damage and fine lines we acquire as we age.

More ways to fix your skin-aging problems:

Please realize that nothing you purchase—no matter how compelling the advertised claims —can lift sagging skin. At this time, only surgical procedures can do that—so don’t fall prey to bogus claims! However, you CAN reduce wrinkles and fine lines, shrink pores, reduce or eliminate skin discoloration and acne, and get much smoother skin through the use of a combination of peels, retinols and fade creams.

Secondly, realize that the fastest fixes for aging skin are surgery (face-lifts) and super-powered chemical or laser peels—but those cost thousands of $$$ and require the skills of a plastic surgeon and/or cosmetic dermatologist.

Some of the new injectable fillers also help smooth out lines on the face—but they are also very expensive. HOWEVER, you can get great anti-aging results yourself with at-home, doctor-level skin peels and the use of retinols. Retinol is widely recommended by dermatologists to help reverse aging and improve skin in many ways: evening out tone, reducing breakouts, reducing sun damage and fine lines for starters. Try the Luminosity .50 Retinol, with Vitamin A concentrate.

For extra anti-aging around the eyes, try the Platinum Eyes Restoration Therapy Cream.

If you haven’t yet tried at-home peels, you’ve come to the right place. Platinum Skincare has a wide range of peels ranging from very mild to very strong. Get a FREE CONSULTATION on where to start -instantly - by filling out the short quiz.

Where can I buy Dana's Book?

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