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​8 Skincare Mistakes --and fixing them!

Posted by Dana Ramos, author of the best-selling book: The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin on May 31, 2019

8 Skincare Mistakes --and fixing them!

You think you are doing things right, but—that dull skin, the discoloration, those blemishes or fine lines persist. Or maybe things are getting worse! Let’s fix that, shall we?

Here are some of the most common skincare mistakes, followed by some mistake-proof products.

1. Forgetting sunscreen or allowing yourself to get a sunburn. Sun is your skin’s biggest enemy, aging your skin and putting you at greater risk for skin cancer. Your risk for getting melanoma—the most serious form of skin cancer—doubles if you have had five or more sunburns because sun exposure accumulates during your entire life—so make sunscreen application part of your morning routine, everyday. Generally, you want to apply your sunscreen first, then your moisturizer and makeup. Try the Cotz products to protect your skin and won’t make you break out!

2. Wasting money on worthless products or too many products that you don’t need. Much of the time, unless you have special needs, an appropriate moisturizer for your skin type will be all you need for both your face and eyes. Companies use clever marketing to make you believe that you need lots and lots of different products but you just don’t need that much to get great skin, you just need the right ones. And actually, if you are stacking a lot of non-pore-blocking products on your skin, it can defeat that purpose and become pore-blocking.

3. Not realizing you have an infection that needs medical care. Too many people try to cut out their own cysts or treat their own serious infections. If in doubt, go to the doctor! That definitely means if you have a skin issue that has become red and pus-filled, is not improving, or is accompanied by fever or chills. Extremely bad acne, particularly cystic acne, won’t respond well to self-bought treatments, but your dermatologist will have many more prescription options.

4. Thinking “More is Better.” This is a common error. It’s wrong to think that if a little works, then using a lot will be better. We see this happen with products such as Retin-A, or Retinol, which works very well when you use very very little, as instructed. But some people tend to glob it on thinking it will be more effective, when instead, they end up with irritated skin and wasting the product.

5. Rushing your routine. Take the time to rinse thoroughly and apply each layer of your serums with a few minutes between them in order to give them time to soak into your skin.

6. Over-cleansing or over-exfoliating your skin. Your natural oils are a protective barrier against infection and bacteria and stripping them completely with harsh products can lead to over-sensitivity and dryness, and even breakouts. If you like to give yourself peels, follow instructions carefully.

7. Picking at your skin. We all know we shouldn’t, but we still do it. Okay, so if you have a huge whitehead and you absolutely MUST get rid of it NOW, at least do it the right way. Wash your skin and hands thoroughly, swipe your skin and any needle or pin with alcohol, and be very very gentle with your skin. Follow with another dab of alcohol and a dab of product with 10 percent benzoyl peroxide, like Clear.

8. Using the wrong products for your skin type. “If you are totally confused about your skin’s needs, get a FREE INSTANT CONSULTATION from Platinum Skincare! You can also learn about your skin by reading good books with reliable sources, such as The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin. It will give you basic truths about skincare and products and help prevent you from falling prey to marketing and advertising. 

Where can I buy Dana's Book?

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Drop some Acid (on your face) Peeling for beautiful skin

Now you know the biggest mistakes you are making with your skincare—go forth and make mistakes no more!