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How Can I Be Sure My Skin Care Is The Strongest Available?

Posted by Jennifer Tilney on Feb 10, 2015

Strong Skin Care

How can you be sure the skin care products you are using are the strongest, most potent available, and why is it so important anyways? 

Well, let's dive into that for just a moment. Platinum Skin Care is at the forefront of producing STRONG products, and we can share with you some insight as to what makes a product perform. We can also explain why many products are a complete waste of your time and money. Let's begin!

How Can I Tell If The Product Is Strong?

Look at the ingredient panel! It is required by law to list ingredients in order of quantity. So the largest amount of ingredients will be first. This is generally water or alcohol depending on the type of product, but the following ingredients tell the TRUTH about what is in the product. 

**There are a couple of exceptions to the order of ingredients. The important ones regarding product strength are here: 

  1. When an ingredient is a drug. Drugs will have their own section. The drug will be listed by percentage in this section. It will always be first even it there is only .002% of it. 
  2. If an ingredient is in the product less than 1% it may be listed in any order. *This is another unfortunate issue where a deceptive company could list a high percentage ingredient and then follow it will a 1% ingredient and then several more after it making the ingredient "appear" to have a higher percentage. You just don't know where the percentages are in the list.

Patented, active ingredients are EXPENSIVE, there is no doubt! Many costs thousands of dollars for a mere kilo - or less! Therefore "most" companies are going to just "whiffle dust" their products with these precious ingredients. Never even meeting the minimum requirements recommended by the ingredient manufacturer. Not Platinum Skin Care. You will find our products filled to the brim with actives. Some may cost a bit more than "other skin care manufacturers", but that is because they are 30-60x more powerful!

So, most importantly know the VALUES of the company you are purchasing from. If you are purchasing from a company that has a disregard for customer satisfaction, or is known to have recalls and high complaints because of their product not working, you know to steer clear! Bad reviews and tons of returns? Run the other way as fast as you can.

What Is Whiffle Dusting? 

Just a fun term here. We call it whiffle dusting when a company wants to claim the POWER of an ingredient, but refuses to use an amount required to create actual results in your skin! You will find this in many department stores, drug stores, stands in the middle of the mall and the like. They use the name of the ingredient to boost their label deck (deck= the list of ingredients in a product) and make it "look good" so they have a concept to pour their advertising dollars into, but they will not put in enough of the active so the product can actually WORK. This is because they are more interested in having a cheaper product out that they can sell a large volume of, as opposed to having a GREAT, AMAZING product that will not have the same mark-up because the product costs more to produce. 

Which is going to give you the best results? Obviously the product with more active ingredients.

What Kind Of Products Does Platinum Skin Care Sell?

Well, we hope this is obvious, but if not, we sell POTENT PRODUCTS! It is our goal to have super potent, high quality skin care products that literally transform your skin! There are a few instances where an ingredient can be dangerous if it has a high percentage, and for those ingredients (such as vitamin A) we will obviously follow every rule for your safety. Never worry. But, how about all the amazing, super expensive ingredients like: Syn-ake or Syn-TC, Stem Cells, Epidermal Growth Factors, hydroxy acids, Matrixyl and many many more patented ingredients?

You will always find that the "bare minimum" we put in a product is always either the exact recommended dose by the active manufacture or WAY, way more that. Literally 20-60x more! Why? Because we want you to have the best results possible that can be achieved by that ingredient. Just because it works at 1 or 2% doesn't mean that is where it has to end. If we can safely give you MORE, then we will. You will find our Dr. Platinum's Potion Collection is the epitome of super strong actives. Starting at 35% and going upwards to 75% available to you. Use them full-strength, or mix them into a favorite cream or serum for a milder strength. We leave that up to you. 

What About Chemical Peels And Serums?

Here is another area where Platinum Skin Care shines! Not to toot our own horn, but this is important to us! All of our acid products are created with Free Acid Values. This means when we claim a percentage of acid in our product, it is in there at that exact value! The End. Let's talk about what some "other companies" do with their acids that can be very misleading. 

Have you ever been reading on another company's website and read a description of a product talking about "compounds"? We bet you have. Probably thought it sounded "powerful". Wow a compound of goodness! Not at all. A compound is a collection of ingredients. I will explain: 

Free Acid Value = Exact singluar ingredient percentage.  *ie Glycolic 30%. There is 30% glycolic acid, then the other 70% of the product is made up of other ingredients listed.

Compound = A percentage that is a collection of ingredients, only one of which is the active. In what percentage the active is, we don't know! It is definitely a secret. It could only be 10% or 5% or less! *ie. 20% glycolic compound is a combination of glycolic acid, water, and other inert ingredients. Not 20% of glycolic. So you now have 20% of what:(glycolic, water, and other things equalling the compound) and NOW we add on the other 80% of the formula. WHAT???? You say. Exactly. Not even close.

Isn't that deceiving?  Well, we think so. That is why we use Free Acid Values whenever it is possible and important.

Free Acid Values

Let's Sum Things Up Here. 

If you are looking for a product - or better yet, a product line, that is going to create skin care that is going to give you results, you are going to have to be a smart shopper. Don't fall for compounds, or whiffle dusting or big advertising posters in local stores with super models on them! You want your products to actually work, right? 

  1. Start by checking the ingredients deck of any product you are looking at purchasing. If it claims to have an active in there, find it on the list. Is it way towards the bottom of 50 other ingredients? Then it is in a very, very low percentage. 
  2. Don't be fooled by pictures on the products or by the displays. Most of the time these are airbrushed models, not actual product users.
  3. Look for Free Acid Values with any acids you purchase. Look for certification and guarantees. Don't get a compound unless you are sure you want a weaker product. Maybe if you have very sensitive skin, then a compound may be a great choice for you. Though, a Free Acid Value that is a lower percentage is also a choice. Choose wisely. 
  4. Know the Values of the company you are purchasing products from. Do they care about customer satisfaction? 

Going forward we wish you the best results in all your skin care endeavors. Make sure to read more on our blog or click here to start shopping for professional skin care products.