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How Can We Make It SO Strong - When Others Dont?

Posted by Jennifer Tilney on Mar 12, 2015

Strongest Potions

How do we do it? How do we make better products than you find elsewhere on the market? We just do! It is my personal goal to create the best products I can for you. I want you to get the very BEST results that you possibly can. And then I hope that you love us so much that you tell all your friends and family about us. Of course!

Everyday we get questions via phone (yes we are here M-F 9-5EST) and email about:

  • I bought this, how do I use it?
  • What percentages should I choose?
  • What products are best for scarring?
  • I have this and this, what will work best for me?
  • Etc... all personal questions we take the time to answer.

There are also other questions related to how we do things differently than everyone else. Here is a great little explanation  that was inspired by one of our daily email questions from one of our customers. **I have changed the clients name.

Dear Platinum Skin Care,

Hi, I was interested in the Matrixyl Synthe'6, which I may be able to use on face and neck if not eyes, but did some research on it. Apparently it is quite an expensive ingredient developed by the company Sederma, and products using just 2% are costly. How are you able to offer 35% concentration bottle for around $46? There are warnings in reviews that products offering high concentrations of Matrixyl Synthe'6 at low prices may not be the legitimate product, or the advertised concentration. I'm interested to know whether your product is the Sederma patented formulation, and if so, why are you able to offer it more cheaply than Sederma? 



Hello Sarah,

Well first off our product is definitely not less expensive than Sederma. They do not sell a product, they manufacture an ingredient. They sell that ingredient to labs like ours who will then create a product with it. They do have recommended concentrations and suggestions for serums and creams. We do not use those. We like to create our own. As for the cost of a product, we are definitely not going to create a product where we lose money selling it. But we WILL create a better, stronger one! You can guarantee that.

In our special Dr. Platinum's Potions collection we offer some of the specialty ingredients in high concentrations. You may use these full strength, as many do, or you can mix them into your favorite creams and serums. *Even after diluting them into other products, you are still holding a product that most likely, has a higher concentration of that particular active than other finished products on the market. 

You are receiving a 1/4oz of 35% product for $46. No, that is not "really expensive" for what you are getting, but that is because you are obviously aware of how costly ingredients are. Many think it's too expensive, and we can understand that. It is only a 2 dram bottle. But 2 drams of 35% is extremely strong and not available anywhere else! We like to be DIFFERENT. We like to offer our customer base a better product. That is our goal. We like to stand out and be better than everyone else. We just hope that most of our customer base realizes that:

  • We are 100% legitimate.
  • All of our acids are certified and pH guaranteed. 
  • Our products are as potent as they can safely be!
  • We have been in business since 2001. *Many years now.
  • Quality and strength are what we sell. 

There ARE dishonest companies out there absolutely, but that is not how we function. We want you to get more and we do our best to deliver. Thank you very much for realizing what an amazing deal you are getting. As I said, some people think our prices are too costly. We know better and so do you. Best wishes!