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Platinum Skin Care Customers - Are you who we think you are?

Posted by Jennifer Tilney on Jul 31, 2014

You are someone that wants to do things on your own. DETERMINED! You have gone to a spa or two in the past - but only to see how things are supposed to be done, and to find out what you should be using at home. The Aesthetician gave you some suggestions - but you didn't buy before you left. You still had research to do! ... Or, hey maybe you did buy one of the products. ... WOW, $XXX that's high! Because how can you find out if it is going to work if you don't give it a try? But mostly, you really need that ingredients list to do more searching online. You think that those products were WAY overpriced.

Are they just trying to sell me or do they really CARE about my skin? You know they work on commission over there. You can find a similar product online that will work JUST as good. Yes, with a bit of research you can have it all. A high quality skin care product AND a great price. Really see who has the best ingredients - and at the best cost. All you have to do is see if the company's website looks professional, right???

But as you search and search you find very similar products with huge differences in price, and some rather "shady" looking websites. Well, you think, is the price making the product better? Or, are they just over-priced? ... Oh my goodness, is that a "home-made" label? That can't be right. You have to stay away from that. You swear not to buy the cheapest (because it most definitely is not as good), but you sure as heck are not going to buy the most expensive either (that's just crazy). ...Or is it? You just don't know anymore and you need to take a break - it's been 3 hours! ... Ok, one more Forum. You have seen a couple company names you would like to check out since other people rated them so highly.

Next day

You are just going to take a "little" look online, one more time and you are just going to pick something - because you NEED that ingredient - thank you very much! You saw Platinum Skin Care mentioned on several forums and you are heading on over to check them out and SEE for yourself if you can get those kind of results too. People said that they are Different - Better - Stronger.

As soon as you get to you can see they are different. Clean and professional with TONS of information on everything. Great Reviews! They explain WHY their ingredients are the best. They have everything pH and percentage guaranteed. They also have a great range of prices - definitely MUCH better than at the spa the other day. They also have someone you can talk to - right now. Perfect. You are just going to give a quick call and see what they think about the spa's ingredient recommendations.... Oh wow, they sell peels for home use too - JACKPOT!

All that research led you to US and we Thank You. We work very hard to make sure that we KNOW our customers. Their wants - hopes - desires. That is what helps us to create the products that will work best for YOU. We think about you and what your needs are every time we create a new product.

Enjoy the Platinum Skin Care difference!