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Six Great Winterizing Skin Tips for Your L’il One!

Posted by Dana Ramos, author of the best-selling book: The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin on Jan 29, 2015

Protecting children's skin

by Dana Ramos, author of the best-selling book: The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin. (Purchasing information below).

Children have such awesome skin—smooth with little rosy cheeks, maybe some cute freckles—and you want to keep their skin healthy just as much as you want to protect everything about them.

Protect your children's skin

Winter can be very harsh on children’s skin and you can see that with the appearance of rashes; irritated skin under the nose and on the cheeks; blistered and cracked lips; and even winter sunburns—especially if they are playing in the snow, which reflects sunlight onto their exposed skin.

Here are some ways to protect and heal your child’s skin—and you will pick up tips for yourself, too!

  1. First of all, it’s important to remember sunscreen: Your child can get a sunburn just as easily during the winter as they can in summer. In addition to long-term skin damage, the sun—combined with the drying effects of cold air—can irritate your child’s skin and cause rashes.

    The easiest thing to do is apply a moisturizer that also contains sunscreen, such as the drugstore brand CeraVe A.M. which has 30 spf. If your child will be outside for extended periods of time, use at least a 50 spf for better protection.
  2. Switch to perfume-free, gentler soaps and shampoos in winter. Go for sensitive-skin formulations like Li’l One’s Hair & Body Wash with vitamins E and B and macadamia glycerides—great even for a baby’s sensitive skin. You want your child’s skin to be clean but not stripped of healthy, natural oils—and this will do the job.
  3. Skip the bubble bath, which can be drying, and instead, try adding a big dollop of Pure Virgin Shea Butter to the bathtub, which will melt in warm water or as it’s rubbed onto the skin. To replace fun bubbles while adding even more moisture, squirt in some foaming, moisturizing shave cream—like the good old-fashioned Barbasol brand in the drugstore. And be sure the bathwater is warm but not hot—hot water can strip natural skin oils!
  4. Lips dry out easily in the winter because, unlike the skin on your body, lips do not have oil glands. Do NOT use a petroleum jelly product like Vaseline—those products only form a barrier and do NOT moisturize lips but actually prevent moisture from reaching the lips; same with products containing mineral oil. To keep lips moist, use a lubricating cream like the one made by Blistex (in the drugstore), or Lip Butter which is made with pure, natural oils and comes in flavors that kids love, like Blue Raspberry and Vanilla Bean. You can also use the above-mentioned Pure Shea Butter, or Pure Emu Oil, which is also soothing on rashes and dry skin.
  5. If your child has irritated skin or a rash, try Li’l Ones Rash Cream which can be used on the face, the body, and even on the tushy for diaper rash. It is made of 100% pure jojoba esters, which have remarkable similarity to the natural oils produced by human skin.
  6. If your child gets nosebleeds or dry eyes in winter due to indoor heating, consider using a vaporizer or humidifier in their bedroom at night—it will provide more comfy sleeping for them—and that, in turn—gives you a better night sleep as well.

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