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Smelling Good (without perfume or cologne)

Posted by Dana Ramos, author The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin on Oct 05, 2017

Smell Good - without purfume or cologne

Smelling Good (without perfume or cologne)

For the great majority of us living in the modern world with modern plumbing, having bad odor should not be much of problem; we have access to hot and cold running water and inexpensive soap—what more do we need?

So why (and I won’t be delicate here) do we still stink? 

Oh, it’s not always horrible and it’s not all the time and it’s not everyone—but surely you have caught a whiff in the gym that nearly knocked you off the treadmill, or on a bus or subway (especially in the summer). And sometimes it isn’t someone else—it’s our own bodies that we thought we had properly washed. 

Believe me, if you smell an odor on yourself, others are smelling it, too. Sometimes we don’t notice our own odors because we become “nose blind” to ourselves and might not realize we are casting off less-than-desirable scents.

Bad odor can be a matter of personal hygiene (and bathing/showering daily may not be enough—read on).

It can also be aggravated by certain foods we eat, the synthetic fibers in our clothing, bacteria that remain on our skin after washing, and in worst-case scenarios—the result of a medical condition.

Bad breath is a whole category in itself; like odor on our bodies, it can also be caused by bacteria in the mouth that remains after brushing our teeth, the foods we eat, or a medical condition.

Let’s start with body odor and the simplest ways to battle it.

Giving yourself a daily shower with lots of soap and paying particular attention to where bacteria is easily trapped (hair, underarms, private parts) is key. Using anti-bacterial soap can be a bit drying or harsh on sensitive skin, but it will do a better job against odor-causing skin bacteria. However, skin bacteria and dead skin cells often remain on the body even after washing, so exfoliation is the answer to that problem.

There are many ways to exfoliate the skin, from using a washcloth to something more substantial like a loofah. However, loofahs can harbor bacteria, so I prefer using inexpensive bacteria-resistant scrubbing gloves (often found in larger drug or beauty stores and in Bed Bath and Beyond). Using the Glycolic and Lactic Body Wash uses skin-enhancing ingredients to assist in exfoliation.

Home Made EXTREME Body Scrub

You can make your own Home Made Extreme Body Sugar-scrub by mixing:

  •  ½ cup brown or white sugar
  • ½ cup olive or coconut oil
  • ½ cup of the 15% Glycolic and Lactic Body Wash.

You only need a few teaspoons at a time. Massage into your skin and rinse well—your skin will feel like it is breathing afterwards! For more body exfoliation, follow your washing with Triple Treat Body Lotion, which helps exfoliate your skin while moisturizing.

Some medications, even acetaminophen, like Tylenol, and some anti-depressants, can cause excess bacterial growth in the body and thus cause odors.If a new prescription happens to correspond with an increased rate of perspiration or increases your body odor, talk to your doctor before stopping the medication.

There are some medical conditions, such as diabetes, thyroid problems, and kidney or liver dysfunctions, which can cause body odor; discussing these with your doctor is more important than trying to cover up the symptoms.

Perhaps you like to eat spicy meats and garlic, onions, strong cheeses and other odor-causing foods? Sugary foods and drinking large amounts of caffeine or alcohol beverages also create increased body odor. Along with making your breath noticeable in less-desirable ways, odors caused by food and drink can also manifest through your pores via light or heavy perspiration.

There are simple ways to help minimize breath and body odors—simply cut down on offensive foods, and eat parsley and apples. Yes, apples—this simple and healthy food provided by nature has many benefits; odor-control is just one of them.

Some other remedies from your kitchen: 

  • Mixing baking soda with cornstarch (or baby powder) and applying it to your underarms or elsewhere is another natural way to help neutralize body odors on your skin.
  • Or apply some vinegar to your underarms and let it dry (the vinegar smell will disappear quickly). I’ve heard that lemon juice and even Milk of Magnesia also work very well (but keep in mind with vinegar and lemon juice—do not apply right after you shave under your arms, because it will sting like crazy!)

**Jen's Favorite recipe for amazing smelling pits! Apply a few drops of Manuka oil to your underarms. *No need to dilute. Manuka oil is over 30X stronger than tea tree oil - but with NO irritation or negative effects. Now, apply your favorite coconut oil based natural deodorant. This works AMAZINGLY!

As for bad breath, good mouth hygiene will often solve most problems, but if you have early gum disease, you need to have that addressed by a dentist (because bad breath will be the least of your troubles!)

Use a tongue scraper to get rid of excess odor-causing bacteria on the tongue—a toothbrush isn’t usually strong enough to do that job. Consider adding in a mid-day brushing to control bacteria, especially after lunch. 

Every since I began brushing my teeth three times a day a few years ago, I have received rave reviews from my dentist for having very little plaque and I have also stopped my gum recession completely; I realize this is anecdotal and a scientific study involving just one person, but I have no doubt that mid-day brushing is the reason I get no more cavities or other dental problems. Sticking a toothbrush and a small tube of paste in an already over-stuffed bag or backpack is easy enough.

Where can I buy Dana's Book?

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