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​Some Things Effecting Your Skin… You Might Not Know

Posted by Dana Ramos, author of the best-selling book: The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin on May 23, 2018

Some Things Affecting Your Skin You might now know

So you use good cleansing products and nighttime products (hopefully from Platinum Skincare because they are the best) and sunscreen to protect your skin-- and yet, you still get some breakouts, or have annoying sun spots or acne issues.


Here are a few things you might not have considered that might be causing issues with your skin. Take them seriously and I bet some of those problems clear up fairly quickly.

Your pillowcase: If you are like most people, you change your bedsheets at least once a week, perhaps more often. But you should change your pillowcases every day or every other day because the oils from your face and hair (even if your skin is freshly cleansed and you are freshly shampooed) will rub off on the pillowcase and quickly turn “sour” and form bacteria. That then gets transferred back to your face. Hello, zits. Buy some extra pillowcases and make it a habit to change them nightly.

Your hair: Do you have acne, particularly on your forehead and sides of your face? Your hair traps oils and bacteria, sweat from workouts, not to mention more gunk from various gels, conditioners and sprays. Keep your hair clean and off your face. Watch this video on Back acne for more tips.

Indoor light: Just when we thought it was safe inside, well, sunscreen isn’t just for outdoors anymore. Turns out that the light emitted from our laptops, computer screens, phones, lightbulbs, and whatever sunlight is coming in indirectly from the windows are adding up to prematurely age your skin: which means fine lines, skin discoloration or spots, and a slow build-up of harmful exposure that can lead to skin cancer. Putting on a moisturizer or makeup base with some sunscreen, even if you are planning to stay indoors all day, will help prevent that excess exposure.

Your cleansing tools: Do you use washcloths or skin brushes or mechanical face scrubbers such as the Clarisonic? They collect bacteria quickly, even if you think they can’t just because you use them with soap! Use a fresh washcloth each day (you can buy packs of them inexpensively at places like Bed Bath and Beyond) and every few days, dip your cleansing tools in a solution of bleach and water. While you are at it, dip your toothbrushes, too—they are a favorite place for bacteria to hang out.

Your hands: We touch our faces, unknowingly, dozens and dozens of times a day, transferring all kinds of bacteria to our skin. And where have your hands been? Touching doorknobs, dirty surfaces, petting the dog or cat, doctor’s offices, and really icky computer keyboards, cellphones and steering wheels. It’s always a good idea to wash our hands several times a day, especially during cold and flu season, but try keeping them washed year-round and see if your skin improves. Of course, you could also try to not touch your face so often during the day, but you’ll probably go nuts trying because it is just something people DO and we are completely unaware of it.

Using the wrong products: You’ve seen the ads from the Big Cosmetic Companies promising results—and yet, you aren’t getting results. You think, “Well, maybe I see a little difference,” but stop kidding yourself—if you aren’t sure you are seeing results, then you are not getting results. The fact is, Big Cosmetic Companies do not put strong enough ingredients in their products to really and truly make a difference. I explain why they don’t in the first chapter of my book, The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin—and you can read that chapter FREE by clicking here read 1st chapter.

The good news? You can get products that have salon-and-doctor-office grade strength from Platinum Skincare and these are products that really do make a difference. It’s a great idea to get a FREE consultation from Platinum so you know exactly what to get for your skin issues, whether those issues are fine lines, acne, dry skin, skin discoloration—you name it, they have it. Click here for your free consultation.  

Where can I buy Dana's Book?

The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin, available as a Kindle download or Buy paperback to buy your paperback copy from Platinum Skin Care. You can also read the first chapter--FREE--by click here to read 1st chapter.