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What’s aging your skin - and what will fix it

Posted by Posted by Dana Ramos, author of the best-selling book: The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin. on Jul 15, 2016

What’s aging your skin - and what will fix it

I sort of hate to bring this up in the summer when you are more likely to be going to the beach or pools, but on the other hand—it’s really the best time to bring it up to remind you how summer ages you more quickly than winter does. And while I’m at it, some other things you are doing that is giving you the skin you don’t want!

These are the things that age your skin—some you might know and some might surprise you! Below this aging list I present you with the fixes, both fast and slow.

  1. The Sun. You know this by now that the sun is the single worst thing for you skin, not only giving you wrinkles (and cancer) but spots and discoloration. Recent years also show that ordinary light from light bulbs, though far less potent than the sun, also ages your skin. What this means is that you must use sunscreen every day, sunny or not. And don’t forget to put some on your hands, which often show your age more than your face does.
  2. Smoking. This is the second worst thing for your skin (and lungs). Not just the smoking itself, but the constant pursing of your lips around a cigarette—or a straw—will create those lip lines we all dread.
  3. Sleeping on your stomach: The temporary wrinkles created by sleeping with pressure on your face will eventually turn into permanent one. If you can, learn to sleep on your back.
  4. Sleeping in hot rooms. Actually, research has shown this ages our entire body; people who habitually sleep in colder rooms have fewer health issues.
  5. Eating too little fat. This is not a big problem for most of us, but for those who try to limit all fats from their diet will find wrinkles appearing faster: Our body needs some fat to process nutrients and hormones and keep our skin smooth and moisturized.
  6. Letting skin get too dry. Dry skin wrinkles very easily, is prone to more wrinkling and infections.
  7. Not using anti-age products. Almost every dermatologist encourages their over-age-30 clients to start using retinols or Retin-A as part of their anti-aging regime (see below). In addition to giving your skin better complexion, it also helps reverse the sun damage and fine lines we acquire as we age.

The COLD HARD TRUTH: The fastest fixes for aging skin are surgery (facelifts) and super-powered chemical or laser peels—both cost thousands and require the skills of a plastic surgeon and/or cosmetic dermatologist. Some of the new injectable fillers also help smooth out lines on the face—but they are also very expensive. HOWEVER, you can get fabulous anti-aging results yourself with at-home, doctor-level skin peels and the use of retinols. Peels can be mild and take more time, or, after you become more experienced with using mild peels, you can step up to stronger peels for quicker results. I’ll list a few for you at the end of this article.

More COLD HARD TRUTH: Nothing you purchase—no matter how compelling the advertisement —can lift sagging skin. At this time, only surgical procedures can do that—so don’t fall prey to bogus claims! However, you CAN reduce wrinkles and fine lines, shrink pores, reduce or eliminate skin discoloration and acne, and get much smoother skin through the use of a combination of peels, retinols and fade creams. For the quickest results, start with peels, then add in retinols. (Shameless plug: My book, The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin, goes into all of this in depth, with instructions, and how to decide which products are best for your skin).

Want to start reversing and preventing aging? Here are some products to try.

  1. Most important—SUNSCREEN like the Cotz sunscreens.
  2. Use of prescription Retin-A, or the gentler effective cousin, Retinol.
  3. Using a peel.
    1. If you are a beginner, or have sensitive skin start with one that can be mild or more strong, depending on how many layers you apply—such as The 1-4-All Peel.
    2. If you are experienced with mild peels and want to try a stronger grade, try Platinum's TCA 13% at 1-3 layers or the Progressive Peel which includes tca, jessners and vitamin A in a layerable peel. 
  4. Keep your skin moisturized. Use the Advanced Care Moisturizer which is great on all skin types and under makeup, or for more of a “kick,” a few times a week as part of your night-time regime, use Hyaluronic Acid with Glycolic Acid which provides exfoliating as well as superb moisturizing.

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