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​What’s New in Skincare & Beauty? (And what to avoid!)

Posted by Posted by Dana Ramos, author of the best-selling book: The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin . See below for purchasing info. on Nov 19, 2015

New skin care products

In the ongoing quest for better skin, you probably like to keep up on what’s going on “out there.” There’s a lot going on in the world of beauty but most of it is bunk— you know, products put out by Expensive Skincare Companies that promise wonders in beautiful little bottles but just deliver a whole lot of disappointment.

Platinum Skincare and The Skin Regime are all about Stuff That Works; we are not a glossy women’s magazine full of 14-year-old models with perfectly airbrushed skin trying to sell you bunk and make you feel bad that you don’t have skin that doesn’t even exist in real life. We, in the other hand, are all about proven products that can make a big difference for your skin.

I spoke to Dr. David Bank, founder of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic, and Laser Surgery and asked him about some new treatments he is really excited about. Maybe you’ve heard about the new injectable treatment that melts fat under the chin? “It really works,” Dr. Bank tells me. “It’s called Kybella and we are very pleased with the results.” The cost depends on how many treatments you need; if you have a lot of fat under the chin, it might actually be cheaper to get liposuction. So far, Kybella is only FDA-approved for use under the chin, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see expanded use in the future.

“I’m also very pleased with results we are getting with some of the new injectable fillers,” Dr. Bank says. “For instance, Radiesse—which has been out for a while and used successfully on the face—has recently been FDA-approved for use on the backs of the hands to fill out the skin and minimize the appearance of veins and wrinkles there. As you know, hands often show age much more than the face does, so this is a great resource for people who want smoother, younger-looking hands.”

For age spots on the hands—and face—Dr. Bank suggests asking about laser treatments offered in a good cosmetic dermatologist’s or plastic surgeon’s office. I will mention here that lasers are pricey, and so are some of the prescription creams that are designed to fade dark or discolored spots. Before investing in laser treatments you might like to give Fade Bright Lightening a try. You’ll likely get enough fading on moderately-dark spots to satisfy you—just be sure to keep sunscreen on those spots, or they will come right back!

Dr. Bank also says some new injectable products have been approved for use in the face. “Restalyft is a new FDA-approved product for volume correction,” he says. “In my experience, Voluma lifts a little more, whereas Restalyft is a bit more effective with inflating tissues that have sunken and flattened out, like crows feet and other lines. These products compliment each other depending on each individual patient’s needs.”

A recent discovery about light and discoloration is important for people to know, Dr. Bank says: “We know that the sun is the main culprit causing melasma [skin discoloration]. For a long time, the medical community has also suspected that indoor lights from computers and lightbulbs can trigger skin discoloration,” he says. “Now, that suspicion has been confirmed. So to avoid triggering those discolorations you must use sunscreen with mineral agents like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide even if you will be inside all day.” 

Dr. Bank also agreed that using skin peels are very effective in treating and controlling skin discoloration, such as the Mandelic Azelaic Acid Peel  as well as those with Glycolic Acid. He says that a Lactic Acid Peel is usually less irritating and effective. “It is trial and error to find  which peel works best for you,” Dr. Bank says. If you are concerned about a peel being too strong, then try the 1-4-All Peel, which can be layered to your wishes: One layer is mild, each additional layer makes the peel stronger.

I ask Dr. Bank about micro-needling, about which many of us have been hearing and reading a lot lately. He’s not all that impressed with it: “It doesn’t seem to be as effective as other treatments we already offer,” he says. “At the Center, we offer products and treatments that have stood the test of time and get consistently good results. Micro-needling doesn’t have a lot of published data and proven results. However, I also don’t see any harm in it—so if you are getting results you want, then that’s fine.”

What Dr. Bank says is proven as effective for mild acne, large pores and over-all skin improvement, are peels like those mentioned above, as well as vitamin-A derivative products like tretinoin (Retin-A) or tretinoin’s less-irritating but highlyeffective cousin, retinol—check out the Retinol Molecular Serums. Is there anything new out there we should run away from? “Tanning salons aren’t new, of course,” Dr. Bank says, “But they are still out there and are very harmful for your skin.” 

We also discuss how the increasing trend of getting treatments from unknown, unlicensed or unskilled practitioners is a very bad idea. Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons that offer injectibles, lasers and liposuction are highly trained and the chance of anything going wrong is minimal. Would you go to a dermatologist for a tooth extraction? Then think twice before letting your dentist inject cosmetic products into your face—and most definitely don’t let anyone unlicensed do treatments!

To reach Dr. David Bank directly, visit the or call 914-241-3003 .

So I just told you about some new stuff you’ll find in a good cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office. As long as we are on the subject of “new,” here’s what’s new at Platinum Skin Care!

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Lucky Potion #9 Instant Tightening

Aura Smooth Express

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