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Super Fun POP ART Peeling Skin Merchandise for Platinum Skin Care

About Peeling Skin T-Shirts | Bags | Mugs | Leggings | Phone Cases

Have you ever been out and about while your skin is peeling? Did you get some crazy looks? Wouldn't it be FUN to wear a super cool T-Shirt showing everyone WHY you are doing this?

Now, you don't have to explain yourself to those curious onlookers. LOL. Just show them your shirt and they will see that your flaking face is serving a purpose. You may be looking a bit flaky now - but soon... you will be looking AMAZING! 

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Shop directly on Teespring and get your Made-to-Order items custom designed. Choose your color, style and size. *We suggest sizing UP... as these are cotton*. 

Take a look at our darling store (below) and just click to go there and order your goodies. 


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