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Platinum CEO Jennifers Mission For Great Skin


I want to talk a little bit about WHY I am on this mission of mine.

What is my mission? It is to have you feel great in your skin! I know that sounds cheesy – but truly, isn’t that what we all want? I know that I do. Shoot – I’m first in line here!

How on earth would it look if the owner of a skin care company had bad skin?!?! YIKES. Not good. So I work extra hard inside and out.

Years back my biggest issue was my grade 3 acne. I don’t know why I was “blessed” with that issue, because no one else in my family had it. … Lucky me I guess. … And I actually mean that for real. Because if I DIDN’T suffer with that acne I never would have gotten so interested in skin care in general. I would have been a designer instead. *I actually have a degree in that.

My focus for years was to clear my face, and now that I know exactly how to do that … well, I have brought that all to you. Just see our Acne Treatment Kits on the website if you need to clear your acne too.

Now, …. Oh boy I am in my late 40’s now and my focus has turned to AGING – in a big way. *Do you think that means I don’t’ have acne issues anymore? … because that is a big FAT NO! Acne can be troublesome way into your 50’s and even later, so I am always treating that 2x per day.

So, now I have added all the wrinkle products into my regimen too. A great little fact here is that acne products and wrinkle products definitely co-mingle! Now I am fighting pimples and wrinkles with the same serum and that is a BEAUTIFUL thing indeed!

Since I am so hyper-focused on wrinkles - that is why you see all of these super high concentrations of actives in our Dr. Platinum Potions - and in all of our products in general.

I wanted this line to be powerful.

Something that “could” be sold exclusively in a professional setting – but I would never do that to you.

Yes, we DO sell to spas and Dermatologists – but we also make our products available to our do-it-yourself crowd.

I feel that there are basically two types of skin care consumers. Those who would never even dream of applying a peel outside of an office setting – and those that want to do everything themselves. Personally, I have done both... but I find myself seated firmly in the do-it-yourself crowd for most things – I know my limits though!

One of the most important things I have learned is that beauty is NOT just skin deep. It starts from deep within. With me, I know that happiness and laughter are some of the most important things to give me a glow and make me just FEEL great. We have a lot of great personalities here at Platinum Skin Care and we laugh a lot! *If you don’t have great co-workers like me – pop on over to youtube and watch some cat videos. LOL. They will add a smile to your face for sure!!

When someone comes up to you and asks you your secret – you can say Platinum Skin Care and Cat videos. Ha ha ha …

Also, I find that my diet plays a HUGE part in not only my general health, but with my skin as well. I find that the Standard American Diet - otherwise known as the SAD diet – is terrible for you. I have made sure to personally cut the sugars out. That means no pasta, rice or bread along with those sweets. And hey, I am a sweet lover, but there are other natural sweeteners that I use to hit that sweet tooth of mine. ;)

The other part of keeping your body healthy is by incorporating a lot of healthy fats. Not vegetable oils!!! Only oils like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Grass Fed Butter and MCT oil. Those are my family’s favorites and I know that we are all healthier because of it.

So, now you know all about my mission. I want YOU to be as comfortable in your skin as possible. Strike that! I want you to LOVE your skin and I have no problem teaching you how to get there.

Platinum Skin Care is full of professional strength products, knowledgeable videos and articles right at your fingertips – so go get started.

OR, just reach out to us and we can help you get started.