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Trial Size

99% of the skin care products at Platinum Skin Care are available in trial sizes. We feel it's important to be sure you have found the best skin care for your skins needs. We'd never want you to be stuck with a full size bottle of one of our products that is not beneficial to your skins needs. With such a wide variety of trial sizes available, you are sure to find the perfect skin care regimen for your skin!

Where do I find the Trial Sizes?

The trial sizes are available for purchase in 2 places.

  1. Product pages. *Look on the bottom of the page where it is labeled "Related Products". If there is a sample size available it will be right there.
  2. Trial size category located right here! Just scroll below and browse the listings of ALL trial sizes. Choose the product you want and add to cart.


We have a few different packaging options. Packets are more eco-friendly and we will try to put most products in them. No matter what type of packaging, all skin care products are a 1/4oz (2 dram) sampling unless otherwise stated as a single-use packet. Generally speaking liquids and serums generally yield 3+ uses, and Creams will give 2-4 uses.


Approximately 2.5" x 3" square. Just snip off the corner and use a small amount. You can then fold over the top and put it in your cupboard standing up. If you have a toner or peel single-use sample you will want to cut the entire top off and use the pre-saturated gauze pad inside.


Approximately 2.5" x .25". There are a few solutions that must be in bottles. You will find the TCA, Jessners and 70% Glycolic peels in glass vials. Also Retinol and Vitamin C.


Approximately 1" x 1". A few thicker products are in jars. Platinum Eye Therapy , Diamond Dermabrasion and Enzyme mask. These are all 1/4oz. trial sizes.

Free Samples

We always want to be able to give our clients and customers free samples! Whenever you place an order with us, you can choose a free trial size product from our drop down menu. You will find this in our shopping cart checkout process. As long as the sample is in stock, it will be shipped to you. If you don't get the sample you requested, we apologize for any inconvenience.