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  • TCA peels 13%, 20%, 30% available. Certified and professional.
  • TCA 30% peel. Professional for CROSS method or dilution.
  • TCA 20% peel.
  • TCA 13% professional strength certified peels

TCA peel 13 - 20 - 30


Product Description

CERTIFIED Trichloroacetic (TCA) Acid Peel

Free Acid Value = 13%, 20% or 30% *Learn about FAV here.

This is a professional grade "cool-action" (13 and 20) TCA peel with an unbuffered pH of 1.3. TCA is the peel that all other peels are compared to! It has been around for decades, is easy to use, and very predictable. Most dermotologists prefer to use TCA over other acids due to its effectiveness and dependability. If you are looking for long-lasting, dramatic changes in your skin, TCA is the correct choice for you.

**Note** Never try to guage the strength of an acid in a different family to TCA. They are not comparable even if the percentages are the same. If you have more questions relating to acid strengths, please visit our page on everything you wanted to know about chemical peels

Choose from one of the three available percentages:

  • Level 1 TCA 13% (1.3pH)  - Beginning peelers looking for more flaking than traditional hydroxy acids.
  • Level 2 TCA 20% (1.3pH)  - Have been consistently applying 4-5 layers of the 13 and are looking for more.
  • Level 3 TCA 30% (1.3pH)  * Warning for diluting, CROSS or body use only. Never a beginner peel.

*Who should be using the 30%?

The Level 3 is NOT for everyone. We do NOT EVER recommend the direct application of this undiluted solution to your face. This peel in intended to be diluted with the easy to follow instructions included with the package. This level is not created for a first time chemical peel user. The 30% was created for people that:

  1. Have a desire to use multiple percentages and only want to purchase one product. Dilute to desired percentage (10% - 25%).
  2. Want to treat their body. Pigmentation, scarring, mole and skin tag removal and more. The 30% can be used full-strength for these reasons.

TCA is a highly regarded acid and is perfect for treating common issues such as:

  • Acne
  • Skin Tone Irregularities
  • Texture Problems
  • Age Spots
  • Fine Wrinkles
  • Scarring and Acne Scars

Have You Been Looking For A Vitamin A Peel?

**Well, we have you covered! Advanced and professional peeling methods are our specialty. Choose to add on our Luminosity Method for a spectacular multi-level Vitamin A peel. The dual applications will increase your peeling and enhance your skin's tissue regeneration! Full instructions on how to apply our Luminosity Method are included in every peel booklet. Don't forget to add on our Luminosity cream with your order though, (just select the "Luminosity add on" prior to putting your peel into the cart) to super-charge your next regenerative peel. Anti-Aging to the extreme. 

TCA peels are generally considered safe for darker skin types. Every color range can use TCA comfortably. *Always prepare darker skin, and skin with pigmentation issues, with a melanin inhibitor such as our Fade Bright for a minimum of 2-3 weeks before your first TCA peel to avoid any unintended color changes in the skin. This is also available on this page as an "Additional Option". If you fall into this skin category, then we require that you use it to achieve the very best results possible with your skin.

TCA will improve color, freshness, texture, skin tone, and fine wrinkles. It will also improve superficial discoloration, such as age spots. It may improve blotches and can sometimes improve dark circles under your eyes. TCA is a natural 2nd step when other acids stop producing benefits and is one of the FIRST suggestions we will suggest to you for cystic acne issues. *You must prepare your skin for any acid peel (especially a medium depth acid such as TCA). If you are prone to fever blisters, the acid can cause a breakout. Prescription medications must be used before a TCA peel is applied or the breakouts could cause scarring.

What is Cool-Action?

Since burning, irritation and stingy itching sensations are not qualities people love to deal with, we have added something extra special to this peel. Our Cool-Action is a refreshing additive that will make this THE MOST COMFORTABLE TCA PEEL you have ever had! Our additive will help to minimize the 'burning effect' that many people feel while working with stronger acids. This ingenious action allows for a more comfortable peel for you. Perfectly strong and perfectly comfortable. You will also find this in some of our other more "irrirating acid" peel formulas. *The 30% does not contain menthol due to its different dilutant base.

This is The One!

Everything is here for you. What makes our TCA peels the best and why they are going to work for you. They are Certified - pH Guaranteed - % Guaranteed - Have Cool Action and are used in Spas and Dermatologist's Offices all over the country as professional treatments costing up to hundreds of dollars per treatment. They are as comfortable as they can possibly be and are simple to use. We have also included a detailed Direction Booklet that outlines all of our peels, alternative application methods, complete skin prepping and after care recommendations. If you are dealing with acne, pigmentation issues, rough skin texture, wrinkles, scars or just want to look refreshed and amazing, start peeling away the years of neglect now. After a few treatments you will wonder why you ever waited so long to use a Platinum Skin Care TCA Peel! It's time to revisit the top of the page and choose your percentage.


Are you still thirsty for more skin care knowledge? We are here to help you with TCA peels, skin care regimens and every other product sold on our website. Please pick up the phone and Call us (M-F 1-800-917-3155 9-5 EST) for personal help. You may also send us an email or Chat with us during business hours with the chat box in the lower right corner. Take a few minutes to read over our piles of Testimonials. There are two groups of them on this page and also a side tab (green) where you can scroll through and see the positive reviews of all Platinum Skin Care products. Read on to learn about layers, watch a TCA CROSS Method video, and learn more details about our exceptional TCA peels. 

TCA Peel France *If you have arrived at this page from the recommendation of our French Blogger, Follow recommendations above and do NOT choose the 30%. TCA 30 is far too strong for a full facial peel. Only purchase this if you are planning on diluting it. Always begin with the 13%.

Understanding Layers

A TCA peel gets its strength from being applied in multiple layers. A layer is a single application of the acid during a peel treatment. Multiple layers will be applied to progress the peel deeper into the skin - without washing off any previous layers.** If this is your first time applying OUR TCA we suggest applying only 1 layer. You can then strengthen the peel with additional layers as you move forward in the process.

  1. Apply first layer of TCA peel solution. *30% will never be layered.
  2. Wait approximately 3-5 minutes *(the proteins in the skin coagulate, then the acid self-neutralizes).
  3. Decide if more layers are necessary.
  4. Apply next layer directly on top of the first.  *(It will go through the first layer and coagulate the layer below)
  5. Wait another 3-5 minutes.
  6. Decide if more layers are necessary.
    1. Is there frosing apparant on the skin?  White hazy. = stop
    2. Some areas are white and some are not?   You may apply another coating of acid to areas that are NOT white.
  7. Rinse well
  8. Apply Luminosity Method for extra regeneration and peeling.

Treating Scars

TCA peel is a great acid to use when treating scars. As you break down the scar tissues and stimulate the growth of replacement tissues, you can move things along even faster by incorporating a Copper Peptide into your revision regimen. You can purchase a complete scar kit with TCA here, or you can just go directly to our copper page here.

Take a moment to watch Dr. Moscato perform a TCA CROSS in her office. Notice that she is using a saturated pick and not allowing it to drip on the normal skin. She is very precise with her pressure. Watch her technique and see what you can expect while performing this method at home. *Never, never use a TCA with a higher percentage than the 30% for this method.  A higher percentage will burn a hole through your skin.

TCA CROSS for Acne Scarring

The TCA CROSS method is a combination of needling and acid to break down scar tissue and stimulate the growth of new collagen to fill in depressions. We recommend the 20% or 30% for this method. Scar revisions are usually coupled with Copper Peptide Remodeling Cream (or serum) to promote more rapid regrowth. The CROSS method can be done only 1x in a 5 week period. *Full directions included in your Peel Manual.

  1. Soak wooden pick in peel solution.
  2. Apply solution to interior of scar with medium pressure.
  3. Watch for frosting on rim of scar.
  4. Rinse well with cold water.
  5. Scab will form.
  6. Apply copper and emu oil to aid in remodeling.

What makes our TCA Peels better? Watch and learn.

TCA peel application. This is a diluted percentage.

TCA Peel Directions


TCA 13 and 20: Purified Water, SD Alcohol 40, Trichloroacetic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Sodium Lactate, Glycine, Fructose, Urea, Niacinamide, Inositol, Sodium Benzoate, Benzyl Alcohol, Menthol Crystals

TCA 30: Purified Water, Trichloroacetic acid, Propylene Glycol, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Sodium Lactate, Glycine, Fructose, Urea, Niacinamide, Inositol, Sodium Benzoate, Benzyl Alcohol. pH 1.2 - 1.4.

Prep B Solution: SD Alcohol 90%, Phenol 1%, Water. (2oz.)

Luminosity: Purified Water, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Squalane, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Cyclopentasiloxane, , Sodium Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyl Dimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Retinol, Cyclotetrasiloxane, Glyceryl Stearate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Phenoxyethanol, BHT, Caprylyl Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, Citric Acid.

*California residents: This TCA peel product contains TCA. You may still purchase this product by agreeing to our Shipping Policy during the checkout phase.

More Testimonials

Robinson, Verified Buyer  10/04/13
GREAT CHOICE. I am AA with medium brown skin that has pigmentation problems. My skin is normally resistant to anything over the counter. But this peel is great! I have only progressed to 3 layers, but that's all I have ever needed. I go from application to completely peeled in about 7 days. The 13% resurfaces my skin nicely with no burning, scarring, or discomfort. Its strong enough to do the job and will keep using this product for quite some time.

Carla, Verified Buyer  05/30/14
TCA 13% chemical peel TRY IT! I purchased this a while ago but was afraid to use it because of the anticipated downtime. I bought glycolic acid and lactic acid peels instead and used them periodically. I have been using Retin A micro 4% and finally tried the at-home TCA 13% - just one layer. I didn't have any frosting and found the application to be less stinging than the other two types of peels that I had used in the past. Maybe the menthol in it makes it feel more like a freeze/burn. I also found an alternative, somewhat unorthodox use for this product. I used it to peel off my daugher's planters warts, dapping it on once or twice a week after soaking her feet. It worked well for that. The salicylic acid peels would probably also work well or better.

Christy, Verified Buyer  01/16/14
ITS WORKING! I started with the lighter glycolic peels and worked up to this one. It's a mess to deal with while it's actually peeling, but I am seeing my acne scarring and skin discoloration beginning to fade! It is definitely worth a little inconvenience. If you're thinking of trying thisproduct, please stick with it. It's not an overnight "fix", but it does work. I've been using Platinum Skin Care's products (skin care & peels) for about 8 months now and am very pleased with the results. I'm thrilled to have something I can do at home.

L Campbell, Verified Buyer  05/02/14
LOTS OF BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! I've used glycolic peels for a few years and finally mustered up the courage to try TCA. I started with the 13% and diluted the solution with water, 1:1 for the first peel. I've done 4 peels spaced 7-10 days apart, all diluted, and have gradually increased the strength with each peel. I'm up to about a 9% solution and my skin is loving every minute of it. For the last two peels I've experimented with applying 2 layers of the diluted solution. This approach has resulted in some really positive changes to skin tone, discoloration, and wrinkling. All with very little redness, no frosting, minimal discomfort, and no down time. I'm smitten with this product!

STEPHANIE P., Verified Buyer  01/26/15
Customer service has been stellar! Their was not a question I had, unanswered.Being a first time customer I was pleased with the texture change in my skin after just one face peel.I'm very excited to see the finale results! Thanks so much, Steph*

Helen, 12/28/14 A must try product!
I have tried everything there is to offer for acne scars. Nothing has worked until I tried a tca peel. I was skeptical to put acid on my face but I'm tired of buying hundreds of dollars worth of makeup to cover my acne scars. Even with foundation I could still notice the pits in my skin. I cried many times because I felt so ugly. I would rather have dark marks then scars..I'm about done with my peeling. I see a huge improvement. I almost forgot what normal skin looks like without acne scars: ')
I'm so blessed and thankful for this absolutely great company. I plan to do one more tca peel with two or three layers. So i will update everyone on that experience: )

Myles S., Verified Buyer  11/20/14
Fantastic as always! We have been ordering from you for years although your records may not show this; I had too sign up again due to the changes on the site! Great service, quick delivery and incredible products!

Sharon Hiner, Verified Buyer  06/23/14
I have been a TCA user for 10 years. I HAD thick, oily, sun-scarred skin. After my first peel, my skin was luminous, less oily, and the scarring had virtually disappeared. In my opinion, TCA should only be used by someone who has experienced the process professionally so they know what to expect. I have been doing my own peels for the past 5 years on both my face and the back of my hands and there is nothing that makes my skin look fresher or more youthful. I highly recommend it.

Read more Reviews in our side page tab (green)

;)  If you are still starved for more information, click on over to our Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Chemical Peels page ... or, head to the top and make your selections. 

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  1. Everything I bought is working 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    Everything I bought is working so good. Haven't done the peel yet bit everything else I love! ❤️

  2. I am a spa and 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    I am a spa and use the varying degrees of peels on my clients. I mainly use a splash of 13 with a blended peel to give a mid grade peel with only a couple days down time.

  3. I'm giving it 5 stars 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    I'm giving it 5 stars because it really was a great peel. I'm hesitant to recommend it though especially for someone who doesn't know about peels. I can't believe you can sell this to anyone. My best friend is an aesthetician and I have been going regularly for peels for 5 years. I moved and now I go to a new girl that gives very mild peels...with some flaking but not really strong. I thought I can do that myself at home. Which is why I bought this peel. My skin is very conditioned fro regular care. I prepped and began the peel. By the time I putting the solution on the bottom of my face the entire top half was frosted already. It was the quickest frosting I've ever had. If someone with light complexion or sensitive skin would have bought and used this I think it would have been dangerous and shocking what would happen to them. I was prepared to do my own peel but not for was way stronger and faster than I could ever have anticipated.

    That being face peeled like a champ and looks great now, but it was intense.

  4. I'm impressed. Getting ready to 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    I'm impressed. Getting ready to place additional orders. Thank you.

  5. Perfect ! 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    Perfect !

  6. Sincerely impressed with TCA 20% peel. 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    I've been doing TCA peels for two years and got them from other places, although I buy a lot of stuff from Platinum. I decided to try the Platinum TCA 20% and luminosity together for my next peel. WOW and OMG!!! I've NEVER had frosting before and I've done up to 5 layers of 10-13%. I did three layers of the 20% and I was tickled to see frosting in a couple of places. I've heard about it before but never experienced it. That probably makes me sound weird but I love the peeling experience and was disappointed that I did not have frosting. I'm on day three of my peel and cannot wait to see the results from your amazing TCA 20% peel with the luminosity. Thank you so much for fantastic products!!! LOVE Platinum Skin Care products!

  7. have been buying your peels 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    have been buying your peels for quite awhile now and love your product always a quick delivery as well which is great seeing im from Australia

  8. I've been purchasing the TCA 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    I've been purchasing the TCA peels from Platinum Skin Care for years. Started from the lowest and moved to 20% peels. Love them and as my "aging" skin will attest,MIT makes a difference.

  9. I have purchased this several 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    I have purchased this several times and I have never been disappointed. My sun damage is almost gone and I'm very pleased.

  10. I see changes! I will 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    I see changes! I will definitely buy again. I'm glad you have niacinamide in this product, too, and the TCA is awesome

  11. I still have not received 1 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    I still have not received my order. it's been a month since I ordered

  12. I purchased this as a 3 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    I purchased this as a body peel to get rid of some superficial scars which are a purplish discolor on my Caucasian skin and to even out skin tone on my shins and lower legs. I used to spill on my entire body I'm sorry no results at all. my skin did not peel and the discoloration are still there. I dunno how to do a peel properly as I have been feeling for years but this was not strong enough for what I needed it for. back to the drawing board I'll try again with something different.

  13. Platinum Skin Care is always 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    Platinum Skin Care is always great to consult and have a wonderful staff as well as quality products. I have changed products due to skin change however it is too early to determine how the change is working.

  14. TCA is amazing.I wanted to 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    TCA is amazing.I wanted to put two layers on my skin.
    First layer:Everything is ok,I didn't feel anything.
    After 2 minutes I applyed the second layer,but I didn't pay attention and put it like a cream,which means several layer.I just had the time to apply it on the whole face,believe me I didn't wait 2 minutes this time,I ran in the bathroom to rince the product as fast as I could.I felt my skin burning . It comes so fast.It was so intense.
    But an hour later everything was ok.It didn't burn my skin at all.
    A complete week of flaking.Literally flaking.
    My skin is so much better.
    The first days I had like a dry dark mask on my skin.Old tan,aging spots..
    It was ugly.And then flaking.Ugly too.
    Today my skin is renewed,and so much healthier.
    Other peels are needed of course to obtain a perfect skin.

  15. I bought the 30% with 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    I bought the 30% with the intention to dilute it. As ever, I am pleased with the results. I have been using PSC peels for years and won't go anywhere else for such a product. Merci beaucoup!!

  16. Didn t try it yet 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    Didn t try it yet cause i enjoy the sun, I ll wait next winter think it's better

  17. absolutely love your peels and 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    absolutely love your peels and have been using them for quite some time well priced and whats even better they really work

  18. I was a bit reluctant 4 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    I was a bit reluctant about the idea of putting acid on my face. My skin is sensitive and it was a bit scary but my acne scaring was really bothering me and the "lighter" methods were just not working.
    After reading some positive revues and making sure i knew what I was doing I finally ordered the TCA peel 20 with the luminosity syringe. I read the instructions 20 times and came to the conclusion the TCA 20 was perhaps too strong for my first chemical peel. After adjusting it to 10% TCA I finally got the courage to do it....and i am very happy I did!
    Three days in and i can already see some very positive results on my skin! It is smoother and the scars are less visible. I will try the cross method with the TCA 20 in a week or two, just to get rid of all the scaring and get to that perfect baby skin.
    I am giving it four stars because I find it a bit incompatible with an active life stile. You need to make sure you have the time to let your skin rest since you WILL PEEL like a snake for three days. You can't use make up until your skin is completely healed and you can't peel off or scrub off the dead skin. The good news is I will probably not even need make up after I am done with the cross method.
    In general very easy to use, good value, good instructions and very promising results, not a single regret, should have done it years ago!

  19. 5 stars nice ty 5 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    5 stars nice ty

  20. after the peel was over, 1 4 Stars

    Posted by on

    after the peel was over, my skin has a scar wrinkled texture. It looks worse than it did before.

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