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The Top 5 Anti-Aging Ingredients That Actually Work

Posted by Jennifer Tilney | CEO Platinum Skin Care on May 11, 2018

If you're like me then you're more than a little upset about the fine lines, wrinkles, and aging spots that are starting to become a part of your daily life.

And it makes you wonder...  what can be done and what actually works so your money gets put to good use and you don't go down the rabbit hole of gimmicky products that never seem to make an impact.

As a woman in her 40's I can relate.  When I originally started Platinum Skin Care I just wanted to fix my acne and clear up my skin.  But over time I've focused more and more on creating products that actually make an impact in the anti-aging space.

I've been on a mission to bring to truth to women and men looking to feel amazing in their skin at any age.  

That's why I get really upset with all the videos, "doctors" and celebrities that promote products that are really just designed to make a profit over making a difference in people's lives.  

The Truth About Anti-Aging

The truth is that there are really only a few active ingredients that can make an impact (other than spending thousands on botox treatments and plastic surgery).  

So in today's post I want to break them down and make sure that you aren't wasting your time chasing ingredients that don't truly make an impact.  

Ready to dive in?  Start with the video below.

#1 - Vitamin A

I cannot think of a more important ingredient than vitamin A for aging skin. *By the way – neither can your dermatologist.

What is Vitamin A?

Tretinoin – is the pure acid. Retinoic acid actually. This is by prescription only. It can cause excessive drying (and is actually for ACNE ) so many people reach for its other form….

Retinol Molecular Serum .20% – Retinol is much less irritating than straight vitamin A. This is because our special molecular serum penetrates all the way down to the prickle layer ( where your collagen is ) and is then converted into retinoic acid. No overly dry skin – just benefits.

*There are “other” versions of vitamin A, but they are just diluted and less effective. Esters, and such…. Just skip those if you want to actually see results sometime this year.

WHY Vitamin A?

Because vitamin A PREVENTS premature aging of the skin and REDUCES the lines you already have! That is what anti aging products are all about, right? Minimize – Smooth – Look and Feel great! Vitamin A stimulates your body to produce more collagen. *That is one of the key building blocks of skin. This rebuilding action can make wrinkles look less severe AND can reduce splotchy skin, sun damage and acne.

#2 - Vitamin C

Antioxidants are KEY to avoiding UVA and UVB damages as well as fading back the “mistakes” you have already made by worshiping the sun, right? Let me tell you about vitamin C and how to get it.

What does Vitamin C do for your skin?

It protects your cells from oxidants that cause harm. *It’s a natural free radical scavenger that searches out unbalanced electrons and donates a cell of its own to fix everything. Isn’t that great!?! Now instead of getting new bumps, and spots and wrinkles, your cells can keep producing normally and your skin will look more refined and healthy.

Vitamin C can also Stimulate collagen production and increase elasticity in your skin. Tighter, plumper skin is the key to a youthful appearance. Thank you Vitamin C! You can get your daily application of C with our High Octane Vitamin C Serum or our CitrusStem Cell Complex 35. *Try mixing them for maximum C!!!

#3 Neuro Peptides

Peptides are here to stay and that is the way we like it. Now, Neuro peptides are in a special “peptide category” of their own. They work by affecting the neurotransmitters in the skin. Basically, they tell your nerve cells to RELAX. When they relax, wrinkles appear smoother and the surface of the skin is younger looking.

What are the best neuro peptides?

  • Snap 8 is an excellent one. It is actually a step-up from the original hexapeptide argireline. It is an elongated chain that helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles especially in the forehead and around the eyes.
  • Leuphasyl is another neuropeptide that works in tandem with Snap 8. By applying both at the same time they actually increase each other’s strength. This is called synergy.

You can find BOTH of these (and many more peptides) in our Derma Snap 8LM.

  • Snake is another excellent neuro compound. It is actually a copy of the temple viper’s venom. Don’t worry, it won’t paralyze you – just soften your wrinkles.
  • GABA or gama amino butyric acid - is yet another neuro peptide that helps to slow the muscle contractions around the mouth, forehead and eye area.

Synake and GABA are another synergistic combo and you can find them in our GABA Elite Super Antioxidant. *Yep, that is the same one that was featured on the Dr. Oz show. We are proud of that.

#4 Hydroxy Acids

Hydroxy is really a “family” of acids. Lactic, Glycolic, Mandelic, Salicylic … they are all hydroxy acids. Hydroxy acids work by exfoliating the outermost layers of stratum corneum to make your skin look more refined and smooth. They are easy to use every day if you just pick a great cleanser based on your skin type.

#5 - TCA Peels

FACT! TCA not only stimulates collagen production, but elastin and even glycosaminoglycans as well! This is truly THE Antiaging Peel! When someone comes to us looking for a great antiaging peel, TCA 13 is the first one we recommend. Yes, you will get some flaking – that IS the point of a peel, right? And with that flaking you will see new, beautiful healthy skin after completing a peel Series. *A peel series is 8 peels in a row*

Now here is something interesting. TCA has been documented to stimulate new collagen production for up to 9 months after an application. *That means – even if you only do ONE single TCA peel in your life, your skin will look BETTER for it in the long run. Just imagine what an 8 peel series can do for you!

Once you get into the swing of performing a chemical peel you will be hooked! It is quick and gives excellent results. We suggest beginning with 1 layer of 13% for your first peel. To make it stronger you will add on an extra layer of solution as needed.

So let me recap. The 5 TOP anti-aging ingredients that you should be using are:

  1. Vitamin A or retinol
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Neuro peptides
  4. Hydroxy Acids
  5. Trichloroacetic acid

Now you have the knowledge you need to get started. Let’s FIGHT this “growing old gracefully” saying. It’s NOT a way of life. I’m no quitter and neither are you.

Have a great day!