Gauze Pads - 200 count

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Gauze Pads - 200 count

Gauze pads. 200ct. Non sterile. For peel applications.

Gauze pads are one of the preferred ways to apply a chemical peel. Application with a gauze pad gives you:

  • Controlled application
  • No excess wasted solution
  • Gentle abrasion
  • Economical multi use package

For the perfect amount of solution do the following:

  1. Pour small amount of peel solution into medicine cup
  2. Fold your gauze pad in 1/2 and saturate with solution.
  3. Fold gauze in 1/2 again
  4. Give a good squeeze.

You now have the perfect amount of solution on your pad for peel application. It is extremely important to avoid a heavily saturated, dripping pad.

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