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Tons of Makeup OR Better Skin? | Acid | Retinol | Peels

 Tons of Makeup OR Better Skin? | Acid | Retinol | Peels



Acids | Retinols | Peels

Why all this focus on cover-up and makeup and layering and blending and blending – when you SHOULD be focusing on the health of your skin. There is nothing more beautiful than natural glowing skin. 

Now, don’t think that I am a makeup hater – because obviously I am not. I love makeup as much as anyone out there … BUT, I feel that having my skin look good without primers and coverups and then foundations and powders… is more important.

Sure, a little dab of cover-up here and there is just fine. We all have some freckles we want to fade back. Contouring, eye makeup, blush and lips are all great! They aren’t suffocating your skin.

But when you spend 30 minutes or more artfully applying so many layers of coverage that you can’t even SEE your skin – let alone allow it to breathe – that’s just too much!

I know what you are saying to me right now… “But Jennifer, you can’t see my skin. It’s horrible… I have




…. “

Yes, I hear you. Nobody is perfect. But, we need to take a giant step in the right direction here.

If you have acne – layers of cover-up are NOT clearing your skin. In the long run you are congesting your pores even more. It is a vicious cycle. *And don’t think for one single minute – the makeup with a “selling feature” of treating your skin – is actually healing your pimples. It isn’t.

If you have wrinkles – layers of makeup actually make your lines look more pronounced. And stay far away from an all over face powder. That really makes the lines pop and your face looks too dry. You want a dewey, complexion. Moist skin will blur the lines and make you look younger. A dab of powder on your nose and chin is usually all that is needed.

If you have pigmentation – your products aren’t harming that, but they aren’t fixing it either.

I understand the need to cover up – don’t think I don’t. I am the one that had Grade 3 acne. I know all about it. So let’s make a deal. While you are working on your skin you can go ahead and use all of your coverups and foundations and primers and such.

But, once your skin starts to improve – I want you to cut WAY back on all the layers of makeup. Let your healthy, glowing skin shine through instead. If you don’t think that can happen – then think again … and definitely take a look at some of the testimonials on our site. You will see things like... How beautiful and clear and glowing their skin is now and how they don’t want to wear anything to cover it up. .. Yes, that can be YOU!

How are we going to accomplish this? I am going to give you a couple of key things to start off using, and if you want a full, detailed regime for your skin type, I will show you which videos to watch for your exact skin type.

We have one for


Dry and Oily.

Each tutorial has everything from face wash to treatments, and even masks and peels.


So here is the easiest way to start transforming your skin.

#1, you need some exfoliation. Choose any one of our acid cleansers. That will start to remove the dead skin from your face as you wash 2x per day. Choose our Anti Aging Lactic if you are dry. Our AB Cleanser if you are oily or have acne, and our Revitalizing Glycolic if you are normal. We also have our 3-in-One Cleanser if you love scrubbing beads. You will see a difference in your skin quite quickly with just this single item.

#2, the next KEY product I want you to look into is Vitamin A. Our Retinol Molecular Serum *(NOW UPDATED TO OUR FUSION A WITH A BLEND OF 3 RETINOIDS) will give your skin this fundamental vitamin. It will help to clear your acne. It will help you to lighten your pigmentation, tighten your pores and it will also help to smooth your wrinkles.

Retinol is one of those products that is special and everyone should be using it each and every evening. You will see a quick turnover of your skin and it will aid in stimulating collagen growth and cell regeneration in your skin. If that SOUNDS like it is going to make your skin look better --- that’s because it will!

We have three strengths in our Retinol Serums. If you are sensitive, then start with the .10%. If your skin is normal then begin with the .20%. The only people who should start with the .30% are those that have used prescription Vitamin A in the past.

*The only time you want to stay away from retinoids is while you are pregnant. So if that is the case, I am going to recommend you use our Serum 15% instead of the retinol. That is a blend of glycolic, mandelic, phytic and Vitamin C. Apply that each evening if you can’t use the retinol.

#3, the last product that will make a huge change in your skin is a chemical peel. Don’t be scared though. If you can apply a toner to your skin – you can do a peel. We have several tutorials showing you step by step how to do it as well.

Peels work by dissolving the bond that holds the dead skin to your face.

When this bond is gone, it will allow your skin to gently flake off over the course of 5-8 days or so.

As the skin is removed – your body stimulates the growth of new tissues and pushes your renewal cycle forward. After a couple of peels you will be looking at fresh, new skin. That’s where that quick glow will come from.

***Peels are NOT a one time thing*** You will need to complete a Peel Series to get your best results.

A series of 6-8 peels is the most common. I highly suggest that you take a before picture, several during your process and an after so you can see all the changes that have and are still happening. This is your proof.

There are many acids and strengths. So let me give you some suggestions of where to start and what you can expect from each type of peel.

You always want to prep your skin before you do a chemical peel. The acid cleanser and evening serums that were steps 1 and 2 covered that. You’re welcome!

Lactic Acid – If you are on the dry side, or sensitive and you want little to no flaking, then Lactic 50% is the perfect peel for you.

It will help with pigmentation and smoothing the skin. It is hygroscopic – meaning that it is a hydrating acid and it can pull moisture to your skin. You can do this peel 1x per week or 1x every other week.

Mandelic Acid – If you have normal skin, are dealing with pigmentation or are acne prone you will love mandelic. It is one of those acids that is great for everyone and is good for everything. Mandelic will give you a light amount of flaking about 4-6 days after you apply it.

Use the 22% strength for tweens, teens and more sensitive adults. Choose the 40% if you have normal sensitivity.

Glycolic Acid – Glycolic is another acid that is good for many things. It’s great for fine lines and an overall re-freshening of the skin. It can be done 1x per week or 1x every other week. Expect light flaking 4-6 days after application.

This is available in three strengths. Always begin with the 30% and work with that for at least one peel series. If you decide you want a stronger peel after that, then bump up to the 50%. *We have a 70% as well, but that is for body usage only… OR you may dilute the 70% to any lower percentage you like.

Salicylic Acid – is great for acne. It is actually attracted to oil and therefore it will dig deep into your pores in search of it. This helps to eliminate clogs and also to shed the inner buildup of dead skin in the pores. *Retinol is also beneficial for that same reason!

Salicylic will cause more flaking than the mandelic and glycolic. It can be done 1x per week or 1x every other week. It is definitely more irritating than the other acids I have mentioned so far.

We have three strengths. The 3% is our mini peel. This can be used a couple of times per week for an adult with problematic acne or for a tween/teen, this could be used 1x weekly to help control acne.

The 15% is a great place for most adults to start. Don’t move up to the 25% until you have gone through an entire peel series of the 15% and you want it stronger. Never rush this process.

Jessners is a blend of acids and is meant for cystic and really problematic acne. It has 14% Lactic, 14% Salicylic and 14% Resorcinol. The combination of the three acids works very well for many people and will help to keep their skin clear.

Jessners is a layerable peel, so you can have a light amount of flaking or much more. This is traditionally done only 1-2x per month and depends on the layers applied.

TCA – is great for absolutely everything. Acne, lines, discoloration and even scarring. This acid is so versatile, and it is definitely my favorite of them all! It is also the only acid that is PROVEN to stimulate collagen in the skin. Therefore this is THE acid to choose when aging issues are your focus.

TCA is generally applied in 2-5 layers. Each time you apply another layer of the solution, the acid penetrates deeper into the skin. This gives you the potential of reaching problems that are deeper than standard hydroxy acids [I mentioned prior] can reach.

TCA does require a pre-treat though. If you have a darker skin tone, we always want you to use a melanin inhibitor for a couple of weeks before you apply it. Our Fade Bright is an excellent choice for that.

TCA comes in four percentages. The 7% can be used on those with extremely sensitive skin – but our main focus with percentage is for the eye area.

The 13% is where we recommend most everyone start. 1-2 layers will give you a medium amount of flaking that will generally start on days 3-4 and will go on for another 5 days or so.

Once you work your way up to 5 layers – IF you ever do… then you can move up to the next percentage which is the 20%. Begin again at 1 layer and work your way up. *Most people never move past 2 or3 layers of this and stay here for many, many years.

Our third percentage is the 30 and this is meant for body use only.

Start of by setting a goal for 60 days. Use your acid cleanser, retinol and one of the chemical peels for the entire time and then re-evaluate your skin. Change strengths if you need, but always keep moving towards your end goal.

After 2 months I can almost GUARANTEE that you will be ready to start tossing out your pore clogging coverups and most likely your foundation as well. Your skin will be looking amazing and everyone – including YOU – will be able to see it.

Trust me – there is nothing better than feeling GOOD in your own skin.

Do you still have more questions? Or want a more detailed regimen? We have that. Just watch more of our videos or reach out to us. We are here to help!