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When Should I Start Using Anti Aging Products

When should I start using antiaging products?

Hi, Its Jennifer from Platinum Skin Care and I am here to answer another one of your questions.

Today’s question is:     When should I start using anti aging products?

Ok, when do you need to start applying products to help with wrinkles?  How about right now! Yesterday…. Last week… The earlier you start PREVENTING the things that cause wrinkles and spots the more likely you will avoid them in the long run.

When should you start your antiaging regimen? As soon as you are old enough to think the thought! Prevention is the key, so the earlier you concentrate on having the best skin regimen possible, the better your skin will be in the future.

This is NOT a magic number, but I know people WANT a starting point. So let’s go with 18! 18 is a great age to start using ingredients that have been shown to slow the effects of aging. ***It is also a great age where you can truly comprehend that tanning is a NO NO! Just don’t do it. UV damages will age you faster than anything else. Opt for a great bronzer or self tanner instead. Your skin will thank you for it in 20 years. 

Smoking is also another NO NO, and so are straws … but I’m not going to lecture you, just point you in the right direction.

With wrinkles, it is almost 100% prevention!

We need to protect our collagen, elastin and also our Hyaluronic acid so that our skin will continue to stay plump and tight. Vitamin A, like our Molecular Retinol Serum … and antioxidants such as Vitamin C, grape seed, Vitamin E, Copper and Resveratrol

Can help to preserve all three.


Each night after washing, make sure to apply your Retinol on your entire face. Eyes and Neck and Chest as well. Also dab on an Eye Cream and some lip butter.

During the day, apply your antioxidants, Eye cream and – most importantly – a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or 40 before heading out.   *And no, it doesn’t matter if you work inside all day, you STILL need sunblock. UV rays are in the very lights in your house.

*We have another video on that one WINK!

Let’s sum this up. If you're old enough to even be remotely concerned that you should start looking into antiaging products, then you are absolutely old enough to be using them.

If you are unsure, then go with when you are 18. Happy Birthday to you!!!

This is Jennifer, … and I will be back soon with more tips and tricks for you to always look your best.

Have a great day.   Bye!