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​Personalize-able travel packing list Updated and expanded!

Posted by Dana Ramos, author The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin on Jun 20, 2017

A couple of years ago, we posted a comprehensive beauty/skincare travel packing list that you could modify and add items or subtract items to—so you could decide and remember what to bring along on your travels.

It was a popular list; so, I decided to add a quite few things that can make your travel planning and packing easy not only for you, but also for your family and pets. It now includes a list of things to do in advance and/or in the event you will be staying in a place with a kitchen that will need a few basics provided.

Even if you have your own list, it’s likely ours will give you some more ideas or remind you of things you might not have thought of. You can download a pdf version of this list by clicking here.

Here goes:

Things to do in advance:

Make reservations for boarding your animals, having newspapers picked up, plants watered, and other things you need to maintain your household while you are away.

Have your mail held at the post office and stop newspapers from being delivered.

For a car trip, stock your vehicle with water, foods, tools, maps, and an emergency road kit.

Pay any bills that will be due while you are away

Make sure your passport is at least 6 months before it will expire.

Get some foreign currency for where you will be traveling

Inform your credit card company where you will be traveling.

Charge your camera batteries

Consider getting a mani/pedi so you don’t have to worry about that grooming while traveling.

Send a copy of your itinerary to someone who cares about you—with phone numbers—in case of an urgent need to reach you.

Prepare a list of emergency contacts to keep in your wallet in case of emergency (a good idea to have on you all the time).

Things to do just before leaving:

Make sure you have your tickets, trip itinerary, passport, visas, other important paperwork

Take out the trash (so you don’t return home to a stinky home with ants crawling!)

Leave on a lights and/or set home alarm

Check appliances—are they off?

Check thermostats—don’t run heat or AC you won’t need!

Flush toilets

Close drapes, lock windows

Pack food and CDs in car

Count how many suitcases you have to help keep track of them

Don’t forget jackets you might need where you are going

Don’t leave without a house key to get back in!



Mix of interchangeable clothing appropriate for where you are going


Underwear, bras, socks

Shoes, boots, sandals, slippers

Jackets, sweaters



Bathing suit


Purse, backpack


Belts, scarves, ties


Skincare and Beauty:

Body soap

Face Cleanser

Body Lotion

Facial Lotions/Moisturizers

Sunscreen: facial and body

Self-tanning lotion

Facial prescription creams

Facial other: toner, special preparations


Lip balm

Cotton balls or pads



Shaving razor, blades and shaving cream


Hair removal cream


Disposable hand sanitizer wipes or baby wipes


Nail care: polish and remover, nail files, cuticle trimmers


Hair conditioner

Hair brushes /or comb


Hair other: bands, clips, blow-dryer, styling tools





Teeth retainers (if you use them)

Denture cleansers and paste





Eye Shadow



Eyebrow pencil

Mascara and eyelash curler

Makeup brushes and sponges/applicators



Sharpeners for crayon-type makeups

Makeup remover

Ear-drops/swimmer’s ear drops

Contact lens solution and case



Bandaids and/or mini first-aid kit

Bug repellant

Feminine hygiene, pads, tampons

Other things you might want pack:

Medications! Be sure to pack in original prescription bottles and do NOT put in checked-luggage; always keep your meds with you in carry-on bags.

You might like to include eye-drops for dry eyes on planes, some aspirin or ibuprofen, and ask your doctor about medications you might need for stomach troubles if you’re going to other countries.

Extra cash

Laundry soap

Clock or watch

Things to reading

Mini sewing kit


Plastic laundry bag

Spare folding travel tote (or leave room in your luggage for things you buy to bring home)


Travel iron

Swiss army knife with scissors -- checkable luggage only, not allowed on flights/carry-on bags

Small notebook and pens

Foreign dictionaries for where you are traveling


Extra eyeglasses

Travel pillow and blanket

Luggage locks


CELL PHONE, and earphones with charger

Laptop and/or iPad, and charger

Kindle and charger

GPS device and charger

Outlet converters (for traveling in other countries)

Extension cord

Usb/storage drive

Camera and batteries/charger

Packing for children:

A couple of favorite toys and/or blanky

A few new toys and/or DVDs to keep them busy during travel

Sippy cups

Favorite foods and snacks

Children’s toiletries and clothing and medications (see above packing lists for reminders of what the kid’s need, too!)

Packing for traveling pets:

Carriers and leashes

Playpen or gates

Small cat litter box and extra litter

Leashes and name tags with your cellphone number on it

Pet foods, wet and dry

Bowls for eating and for water

Favorite toys

Medical documents, medications, and/or care instructions for boarding

Basic shopping list for away-from-home kitchens:

Salt and pepper






Bottled Water




paper plates and cups and plastic utensils

Coffee and/or filters for coffee machine

Sugar and/or sugar substitutes

Dishwashing soap

Dishwashing gloves, sponge

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