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Chemical Peels What Percentages Which Acid

Which Acid Should I Choose? TCA | Jessners | Salicylic | Glycolic | Mandelic | Lactic

Video Timeline

  • 02:13  Glycolic Peel  30%, 50%, 70%
  • 04:44  Salicylic Peel 3%, 15%, 25%
  • 06:37  Mandelic Peel  22%, 40%
  • 08:09  Lactic Peel  50%
  • 09:14  TCA Peel  13%, 20%, 30%
  • 13:19  Jessners Peel
  • 14:23  Progressive Peel

Hi, Its Jennifer from Platinum Skin Care today I want to talk about chemical peels and which percentages you should be choosing with the different acids.

Ok, which percentage of acid should you choose? No matter what the acid, if you are a beginner, then always start with the lowest percentage available. You don’t know what to expect. You want to start slow and work your way up.

With chemical peels it is NOT a race to get to the highest percentage – quite opposite in fact.

You want to use a percentage and an acid for as LONG as you can. It is a ladder that once you reach the top – then where do you go? **You will end up jumping from acid to acid to keep your skin “guessing”, you always want to take it slow.

**The ONLY exception to that rule is if you have been getting peels performed professionally and you want to continue on with that percentage or acid. That is perfectly understandable since your skin is accustomed to this acid.

 Always go as slow as you can with acid peels. It is NOT a rush to the top. This is the race where the turtle always wins.


Now, Let’s look at all the acids that we have and we can talk percentages with each one.


Glycolic Acid - all skin types – the original Lunch time peel that started the peel craze – 30% - 50% - 70% * Only for dilution and advanced peelers.

Commonly used for: aging issues, mild sun damage, wrinkles and general health of the skin.

Start with the 30% when that is not doing enough for you then move up to the 50%. …. 70%

With glycolic you may not see visible flaking after 3-5 days. But if your skin is feeling smoother, know that it is working!


Salicylic Acid – is an oil soluble acid and is used predominantly for acne and oily skin – BUT can also be used for post inflammatory pigmentation and mild photo damage.

3% - preteens and teens. Adults could use as a toner.

15% - is where the weekly peel begins. Most people can use this percentage without too much irritation.

25% - this is a big jump from the 15%. Only move up to this when the 15% stops performing.


Mandelic Acid – everyone – pigmentation – acne – wrinkles, even skin tone and texture

22% – pre-teens, teens, sensitive skin, and those that don’t want a lot of visible peeling but still results!

40% – non-sensitive, want a bit more flaking.


Lactic Acid - sensitive, dry skin types   --- wrinkles, pigmentation *excellent for chronically dry skin. Hygroscopic.

50% only


TCA The anti aging peel! - Excellent for pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, photodamage, acne, scarring, lax skin.

13% 1-5 layers --- start.   **Add on Vitamin A Luminosity method to increase flaking and regeneration.


30% - for dilution or body usage only.

 Face Peel | At Home Peels | TCA | Jessners | Glycolic | Salicylic | Mandelic | Lactic | Mandelic 

Jessners – Predominantly oily, acne skin. Combination of resorcinol, salicylic and lactic acid. Safe and layerable.

1-2 layers is mild.

3-4 layers medium

4+ layers strong


Progressive Peel – Combination of the all popular layering of TCA and Jessners with Vitamin A as a bonus!

Excellent for those with non-sensitive skin accustomed to stronger peels such as TCA.

Great for Acne - Aging issues and Pigmentation.


Ok, let’s sum this up.

No matter what the acid, if you are a beginner, then always start with the lowest percentage available and work your way up from there.

This is a race where the Turtle Wins – not the Rabbit! Slow and steady.


I will be back with more Peel information to help you along on your transformation.

Have a great day,



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