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Injection Alternatives

Anti-Aging Injection Alternatives

What are Injection Alternatives?

Instead of opting for a physical injection with a needle into the skin and muscles of the face, many people are turning to topical alternatives. There are topicals that can plump areas of the face, such as hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to 1000x its own molecular weight in water. By plumping the skin the topical can help to minimize the appearance of fine lines. There are other topicals, such as GABA, Syn-ake, and Snap8, that can slow down the muscle contractions after several weeks of usage. These topicals build up in the skin and can either help prolong actual injections of botox tm or dysport tm or the like, or they can be used as an alternative to the injections themselves. Many people find that after using topicals for several months, that they can see a tremendous change in their skin's appearance.

Are Injection Alternatives instant?

Some topicals, especially plumping types, can give instant results, or results within 30-60 minutes. Other topicals, such as the botulism alternatives, take time to build in the skin. An actual botoxtm injection directly into the muscle tissues, can take upwards of 3-5 days to take full effect. So, when using a topical we can understand that to achieve an optimal effect, a greater time will be needed. Generally speaking most topicals will require 45-60 days to show greatest results, with a 2x daily application. Increased results to be obtained by continuing application.