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Moderate Acne Maintenance Kit

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About Moderate Acne Maintenance Kit

*Even though our customer submitted pictures are amazing to look at, there is no guarantee that you will have the same exact results. We are all different and results can vary. 

These are the exact products that Platinum Skin Care CEO, Jennifer used as her personal acne solution. If you read all about her story and wanted everything she talked about, this is the kit for you. These items are listed as her Maintenance Tools. Everything needed to create and maintain clear, healthy skin. 

Included you will find:

AB Foaming Cleanser (7oz.)

Purify Advanced Toner (6oz.)

Vitamin B Complex (2oz.)

Fusion A .15% (1oz.) *If you are new to retinoids then select the .15%. If you are a long-term user then you may select the .25%


How does Acne form?


Acne is genetic. You can't do anything about your genes. Somewhere down the line one of your relatives has passed it down to lucky old you - and me! Never forget... you aren't alone. Since we can't change our DNA we just have to move forward and treat what we were given. Do not worry, it can and will be taken care of. I am living proof of this. 

Who am I? 

ceo Jennifer had acne too

Why I am your new best friend! I am the CEO of Platinum Skin Care, Jennifer, and I have the same skin as you. *You can't tell in my picture though. That is because my skin is clear and has been for years now. I took care of my Grade 3 acne with the exact products on this page, and a chemical peel that I performed about 2x per month. 


So how do those pimples get there? Let's think about how deep those pimples are in your skin. Most people have about 17-22 layers of skin in the Stratum Corneum (that outermost layer that protects us from the elements). Under all those layers we finally get down into the epidermis! That's where the clogs begin. Acne appears when a pore gets clogged with dead skin. A normal pore will shed, and the dead skin will just flush right out. Simple and perfect. Our pores, my fellow acne sufferer, are flawed. They have a disease called "retention hyperkeratosis" and they do not perform their job properly.


Deep inside the pores our dead cells shed at an abnormally rapid rate, literally 4-5X faster than normal! The build-up of dead cells then stick together and form a mass in the follicle. This then accumulates at a very rapid rate and forms the keratinous clog that will become a pimple. Add some P-acnes bacteria - which is attracted to our oil - and now you have an infected pustule that is sore and inflamed.

 We have acne because of these reasons: 

  • We have diseased follicles called Retention Hyperkeratosis
  • We have weaker follicular walls that are prone to rupturing.
  • We have excessive amounts of oil and P-acne bacteria on the skin.

clogged pores and acne treatment


Now that you know what causes those pimples to start forming you can start reversing that - with the correct ingredients. 

  1. We are going to thin the stratum corneum with a daily use of acids and retinoids.
  2. Then, we are going to thoroughly clear out those pores - and actually shrink them a bit. *Retinoids will do this.
  3. We are going to heal everything and stimulate our skin to behave "normally". 

I know you can do it - because I did. It is going to take about 2 months to see your new face, so do not panic when everything isn't perfect after your first week. Patience is a virtue and we are going to use that. I want this to go as quickly as possible for you though, so please make sure you choose an acne peel to go with your kit. *This will help to remove those clogs and pimples forming the quickest way possible. 

Choose accordingly: 

  • Mandelic 22 - preteens, sensitive, rosacea. Very light flaking.
  • Mandelic 40+ - all acne prone. Light flaking.  ***Excellent choice for starters. 
  • Salicylic 15 - non sensitive, acne prone. Light - med flaking. 
  • Salicylic 25 - non sensitive, acne prone. Med flaking. 
  • TCA 13% - all acne prone. Med flaking at 1-2 layers.  **Excellent choice.


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**ACNE Tip**

Peels are the foundation of clearing stubborn acne skin. To properly begin your transformation start off with one of the peels Jennifer recommends.  Choose your Acne Peel now. Are you unsure of what type of peel you need? You can view the downtime associated with each acid and get help choosing by going to our Clearing Tools section.

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