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Moms of Teens With Acne | 3 Key Products to Clear | Diet

Moms of Teens With Acne | 3 Key Products to Clear | Diet


Moms of Teens with Acne

Generally our phones are ringing off the hook, with calls regarding wrinkles and pigmentation. But, after we come up with detailed solutions – we find out that Mom also has a teen with acne. So today I want to talk a bit about how to help your kids with their skin regimen internally and externally.

Teens are dealing with major hormone changes. This starts as early as 8 or 9 years old and then can last for decades. Acne is a major problem.

While there isn’t anything we can do about their hormones – short of putting them on a birth control that helps with pimples – that isn’t where most parents want to venture with a pre-teen.

So let’s talk about a few things we can do to help keep their skin as clear as possible.

I know they don’t want to hear about this one – but diet does play a part in your skin’s health. Now, I am not a doctor so feel free to conference with yours regarding my suggestions. Have them take a look at the hard facts and maybe they too can help your teen to make some positive changes.

If your teen is eating sugars – including gluten/ wheat products such as bread, pasta and rice – well, you most likely have your issue right there.

I know it sounds impossible to get past that with the American diet and processed foods everywhere – but if you at least make the good stuff at home – it will certainly help to outweigh the garbage they are eating outside of the house.

We have a great Face Mapping diagram on our website where you can track internal problems that are showing up on your face.

Understand Teen Acne with Face Mapping


Notate what area your teen has groupings of large spots or pimples and see what zone that is in.

Some areas, such as zone 1 – which is the forehead are caused by an overgrowth of candida in the gut. Candida is fed by sugar and mucus. That is why diet is SO important when trying to keep your skin clear.

Same thing with the temples and upper cheeks in Zone 4. These are very common areas for teens to have breakouts.

Sugar needs to be eliminated as much as possible. And not just the sweets. Bread, pasta and rice all turn to sugar instantly once they touch your saliva. They are all bad for acne and great for candida to thrive.

A couple of helpful herbs that can be taken to help control this overgrowth are Pau d’Arco (POW darkO), Black Walnut, Calendula, Cinnamon, Cloves, Neem, Oregano Oil and Cayenne.

The lower half of the face in Zones 9 and 10 deal more with the liver. You can help to strengthen the liver by taking about 500mg. of N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) every day.

This will help our bodies to produce more glutathione which magnetically attracts heavy metals making them easier to excrete. Alpha Lipoic acid, Vitamin C, Selenium and Sulfur are other co-factors which boost production. You can take glutathione as a supplement, but it doesn’t work as good as creating your own.

Blackheads are spearheaded by foods too – but different ones. Watch out for dairy products and fried foods, both of which stimulate mucus in the body. You need to reduce the formation of mucus to control this type of acne.

Other common issues that cause mucus are allergies and sinus nose drips. 

So of course if there are allergies #1 would be to find out what the allergen is so you can eliminate it. In the meantime you can try an over the counter allergy remedy.

Now that we have taken a look at what is going on inside the body, there are definitely some topical treatments that we recommend over and over again that will aid in controlling bacteria growth, excess pore clogging skin and healing.

The first step in controlling acne is to start using a cleanser that has salicylic acid. Salicylic is attracted to oil, and therefore it will dig deep into the pores to find it.

While it is digging deep it helps to shed the buildup of dead skin in the pores and also the dead skin buildup on the surface of the skin. When there is less skin to clog a pore – the skin will remain clear.

Try to get your teen to wash 2x per day. Every morning and then again before bed, 

After morning washing the most helpful treatment to apply is our Vitamin B Complex. This cream is a livesaver and one of the main ingredients that took my Grade 3 acne to clear skin. I can’t be without this one.

Vitamin B5 – panthenol - promotes healing of tissues. It has been verified in multiple studies that showed a 50% reduction in acne after 8 weeks daily usage… *AND it can help to decrease pore size! It can also metabolize proteins, carbohydrates, and fats resulting in healthier skin cells and tissues. It is an anti-inflammatory and has antimicrobial properties. 

Likewise Vitamin B3 – Niacinimide – Has also gone through numerous clinical studies to determine its effectiveness for the skin's health. It can support the skin's barrier which helps with acne, rosacea, and other inflammatory issues.

Also, vitamin B3 has shown to be useful for encouraging the production of our skin's own natural emollients. That can help the skin remain hydrated and balanced.

Make sure that your teen applies this 2x per day. Morning and evening. 

Another key ingredient to help control your teens acne would be Retinol. We have three percentages and with pre-teens and teens we recommend the mildest version of .10%.

Retinol has the ability to dig deep into the pores like salicylic. It will help the lining to shed and there will be less skin to create a clog with.

It is also helpful in tightening the pores – and when you are dealing with acne this can be very important.

Retinol will also help any acne lesions and leftover marks to heal very quickly. It has the ability to put your skin into a hyper-regenerative mode. This in turn will cause a quicker turnover of the skin and marks that would normally take several weeks to months to fade ... will now be gone in 7-10 days average.

Have your teen apply this on TOP of their Vitamin B Complex every evening before bed. If you are concerned that it may be too strong, you can very easily dilute the strength by having them do 1 pump of B in their hand + 1 pump of Retinol and then mix it together and apply at one time. This will take the .10 down to a .05%. 

Those were the 3 main products that I find help the skin clear the quickest. There are other treatments available of course. I will list a few and tell you what they are for.

Alternate treatments

  1. Drying Lotion – dab onto pimples before bed for quick drying.
  2. Clear benzoyl – this can be dabbed onto pimples or a clogged T-Zone before bed a few times per week. Don’t overuse BP though, as your skin will get used to it quickly and it will stop working. Keep your skin guessing and be sporadic with the usage.
  3. Acne Blemish Authority Mask – This has drawing properties and will help to dislodge clogged pores. Apply a 1-3x per week as needed.
  4. Acne Diamond Dermabrasion – sometimes a scrub can work wonders on a clogged chin or nose. This is salicylic acid and crystals to help remove dead skin instantly for a smooth face. Use 1-3x per week as needed.
  5. Purify Toner – Sometimes the AB Cleanser can cause some initial dryness – so I hate to require a teen to add something else drying. But, a toner can truly be helpful in controlling pesky acne. The mandelic in this toner can be applied to any problem areas 1x per day after cleansing and before the Vitamin B Cream.
  6. Last is a chemical peel. I have applied the Mandelic 22% to my 13 year old daughter for a few years now. It has a very mild irritation factor and rarely causes a lot of flaking. This is something that you could do maybe 2x per month to help smooth the skin and clear the pores.
  7. We also have our 3% salicylic acid Mini Peel that can be used 1x per week to help dry out problem areas.

I want to take a second to mention back and chest acne. Many teens are dealing with this from sports. A great way to clear this up is by using our Black Soap with a bristled back brush every day.

The Acne Diamond Dermabrasion Cream scrubbed into the back a couple times per week is also very helpful.

A chemical peel can also be applied to the back 1x per month. The Salicylic 25% or TCA 13% would be be great options. Obviously this is not something that can be applied without help. So that’s your job Mom. ;) 

The number one takeaway here is that acne can be controlled and diet plays a HUGE part. So really try to re-evaluate what foods are coming into your house and how they are being cooked.

Then, skin care is everything. Drying your skin out isn’t going to solve the problem and neither is ignoring it. The 3 products I spoke of were all very carefully selected to work together to not only clear the skin but to make it perform at its healthiest.

If you are following these guidelines and your teens skin is still very bad – please see a dermatologist so they can recommend additional treatments.

If your teen has cystic acne – please see a dermatologist before any scarring occurs. This could be detrimental to their wellbeing.

Remember = Acne does not have to be a right of passage.

Do you still have questions?

We are here to help.