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Quick Tips for Treating Pigmentation at Home | Daily Products | Chemical Peels

Quick Tips for Treating Pigmentation at Home | Daily Products | Chemical Peels


Hey there, It’s Jennifer from Platinum Skin Care bringing you my best tips for getting rid of brown spots and treating hyperpigmentation.

If you’re like me than the last thing you want to see is a new brown spot or uneven skin tone. It’s embarrassing and hiding it with layers of cover-up or makeup get’s old.

But I’ve got good news. It’s treatable and you can improve your skin with the right products and determination. Because here’s the deal, there is no “magical miracle product” you put on 1x to fix this – so don’t get that idea into your head.

And your diet matters too. So eat healthy, do some liver cleansing and follow these 4 tips to get real results.

  1. Every single day you need to apply a melanin inhibitor to your skin. For example our Fade Bright has alpha arbutin and resveratrol as well as many other acids and lighteners that will help to brighten and even your overall skin tone while you fade back pigmentation. You need to use this 2x per day.
  2. Your skin needs to turnover. Most pigmentation runs very deep in the skin – therefore we need to exfoliate the upper layers so our treatments can get deeper into the skin and so that the discoloration can be sloughed off. We suggest using Vitamin A every evening. Our Retinol Molecular Serum .20% be applied 1x every evening to speed up cellular turnover.
  3. NEVER EVER forget --- the most important thing you need to do every day is to apply an SPF of at least 40 or 50 before heading outdoors. There are even studies showing that you are receiving UV damages inside of your houses due to the lighting. Apply this every morning on top of your Fade Bright and any other treatments or creams. SPF is always last.  
  4. If you have melasma, or deeper pigmentation on the face or body, you are going to need to add on a chemical peel.

We suggest

  1. Lactic 50% if you are sensitive. You can do this 1x per week.       Or…
  2. Mandelic 40% is great for all non-sensitive types. You can do this 1x per week. Or…
  3. TCA 13% for facial use or 20% for body use for those that are advanced peelers or are ready to jump in and make some real changes.

But remember, getting real results can take a while. Normally after 3-4 weeks you will start seeing some changes. With most people … your pigmentation took an entire lifetime to make it to the surface of your skin – so it’s going to take the next several months to fix that. So be patient.

But, my last tip- #5 take a before picture - so you can track your progress as you move forward. All the Little improvements that add up over time will keep you motivated, and when you look back at that picture every few months and see the changes? It’ll all be worth it!

As always if you need more help Call us, message us, email us anytime.   Or head on over to our site and take our virtual skin consultation to get more help.

This is Jennifer, with platinum skin care, Have a great day!