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What Order Do I Apply My Products

What order do I apply my products?

Hi, Its Jennifer from Platinum Skin Care and I am here to answer another Frequently Asked Question.

Today’s question is:  What Order Do I Apply My Products?

Ok, so sure it can be a bit confusing when you have 5 products and you just aren’t sure what order to apply them in. I can definitely understand that.

Here is an EASY rule of “thumb”

Jen's Rule Of Thumb. Always apply your skin care products in the order of thinnest to thickest! End with your SPF.

Always apply thinnest to thickest. Start with your serum and then work your way up to your cream. Its that simple. Now, what if you have several serums??? Then it doesn’t matter at all. Just pick one and start applying. Same with creams. There really is no magic order and NO you aren’t going to ruin anything if you put them on in a different order.

Relax and just go with it. 

I really only have 2 rules **more of a tip really** if you are layering.

  1. Any Targeted treatments should go on as your first layer. *They are generally serums anyways.

We want the heavy hitters to penetrate first and get closest to your actual issues.

  1. Try to put your transdermal products on towards the end. This would be something like Emu oil, Nano Hyaluronic Acid or Retinol Molecular Serum. I say this because when you apply them they will actually PUSH all the products beneath them deeper into the skin – and that is right where you want them!!!
  2. OK, I actually have 3 rules. …. Always apply your SPF last. Reason being is that SPF is a physical blocker that will reflect the sun. So it goes on last.

Now, if you practice “LAZY SKIN CARE” like I do. LOL…. You will apply any targeted treatments first but then just mix a pump of everything else in your palm, rub it all together and then apply at once.

Quick and Easy and out the door.

See, there is no wrong way. Get started with your layering!

I will see you again soon with more of your questions and tips.