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​10 Best Winter Skin Tips

Posted by Dana Ramos, author of the best-selling book: The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin on Dec 14, 2018

Often, our skin goes wacky when the weather gets cold: It’s drier, it flakes, it gets over-sensitive, it itches, it breaks out in weird ways, it gets blotchy or makes rosacea worse… arrgghh.

Here are some of the best tips to keep your skin looking and feeling good all winter.

1. Don’t forget you must use sunscreen, even in winter and especially in snow because the sun’s rays are reflected back onto your skin and you can burn and/or damage your skin. Check out the Cotz brand of sunscreen for best protection.

2. Use extra moisturizer, applying three or four times a day if necessary; consider keeping a small tube of moisturizer in your purse to apply under the eyes, on the hands, anywhere you need extra moisture. Lubriderm, Cetaphil, and CeraVe are great drugstore brands, and for more intensive care, try High Octane Vitamin C Concentrate (which also helps protect skin against sun damage) or some Pure Virgin Shea Butter. Also treat your skin to a hydrating mask like the Apple Stem Cell Hydrating Mask.

3. Give extra care to your lips. Do NOT use Vaseline or waxy balms—they don’t penetrate and actually block moisture from reaching lips. Blistex is carried in most drug stores--get the in-tube variety, not the waxy balm. Also wonderful is Platinum Lip Butter, with shea butter, organic vegetable oils and vitamin E—it comes in great flavors, too! **Platinum says there is nothing better than our lip butter*

4. Use creamier makeup: Drop products with powder bases and use a moisturizing or cream-based blush, eye shadows, and makeup foundations instead.

5. Go easier on your exfoliating and peeling products. If your skin is irritated from wind or exposure, skip the scrubs or peels until your skin returns to normal.

6. Don’t neglect your body skin: Try using coconut oil (in most supermarkets) to rub into skin or plop a tablespoon or more in your soaking tub. And for even more hydration on the body, follow up with Pure Virgin Shea Butter, or the Triple Treat Body Lotion, which alpha-hydroxy acids to rejuvenate cells and provide gentle exfoliation of dry skin.

7. Try Emu Oil on troubled spots– Great skin benefits are being discovered with this non-pore-blocking oil. But be sure to get a 100 percent pure emu oil. It’s awesome for your cuticles and keeping your nails healthy, too.

8. If you have sensitive skin with dry skin build-up, wash gently with a rough washcloth to get some mild exfoliation. Gentle is the key to prevent irritation! You can also try a mild peel for gentle exfoliation, such as the Mandelic Peel.

9. Keep your scarves, hats and pullovers clean and dry—dirty clothes around your neck and chin can cause breakouts.

10. To banish the sallow look of winter, brush on a little bronzer or “illuminating” cream or makeup, which instantly brightens the skin.

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