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Hot Weather Skin - Tips to Fix Those Troublesome Issues

Posted by Dana Ramos, author The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin on Aug 18, 2017

Hot weather skin | Tips to fix those troublesome issues

We’re still in summer and how’s it been going for you so far? Do you have a golden glow from the sun, looking really great with it? Super! But I’m going to be buzzkill about that for just a minute, then I’ll move on to making your day.

The buzzkill part: That good-looking tan you love is not going to look so great down the road because the sun is the single worst enemy for your skin—causing spots and discoloration and fine lines and wrinkles. And skin cancer. So, use makeup and bronzers or self-tanning lotions and protect your skin with a great sunscreen like the Cotz brand.

  The Glominerals Pressed Foundation won’t block pores, has UV protection and antioxidants and comes in many shades. Perfect for summer! And do not forget your lips—get a lip balm with sunscreen to keep your kissers smooth and looking great.

It’s never too late (or too early) to start protecting your skin and if you already have damage—keep reading because you can fix a lot of it.

Summertime also brings some acne issues due to more perspiration mixing with bacteria and blocking pores. The secret is to keep your skin clean and exfoliated. Consider washing your face in the middle of the day, particularly after exercising or swimming, and using a good acne-fighting wash such as the AB cleanser with acne-fighting glycolic and salicylic acids. 

Use only non-comedogenic (won’t block pores) makeups and lotions. For a little more cleansing and exfoliating power, the Basics 3-in-1 Cleanser also has scrubbing crystals to leave your skin feeling really smooth. If you have sensitive skin, consider the Gentle Cleansing Lotion.

For real acne-fighting exfoliation, consider giving yourself a mild at-home peel, using the 1-For-All Peel, which can be layered to be mild, or by adding more layers—you can increase the strength.

You might have aggravated acne on the chest and back as well, and even some little bumps on the back of the arms and legs. Because the skin on those spots is a little tougher, you can use stronger products. I used to have a lot of those bumps, and I got rid of them by using a good loofah or scrubbing gloves (available in many drugstores and beauty supply stores) first to exfoliate, followed by an application of the 1-4-All Peel. I scrubbed three times a week at first and applied the peel once a week until—no more bumps!

Another great option for acne and other bumps on the body—the Glycolic and Lactic Body Wash paired with the Triple Treat Body Lotion; This intense lotion is designed to restore, replenish and restructure moisture balance as it exfoliates with a 25% combination of mandelic, lactic and glycolic alpha hydroxy acids.

Another great benefit to keeping your body skin really clean and exfoliated—odor control! Again, less bacteria means less odor. Clean sweat doesn’t smell; it’s the interaction with skin bacteria that causes problems. By the way, if you have excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the armpits or hands or other problem areas—talk to a dermatologist about some of the latest products to control that. They are even using Botox in some areas to control sweating (it’s not just for wrinkles anymore!)

If you have dry, rough patches, like on the elbows, knees and feet—using a strong peel on those places will help. Call Platinum for a FREE consultation about what is right for your skin (1-800-917-3155).

For really rough spots like callouses or just a small area, gently file with a coarse nail file, and then if you still need more treatment, use a peel to soften the skin.

Do you get weird rashes during the summer? Like, after you swim in a pool or an ocean, or with exposure to the sun or simply hot temperatures? If you get them only on your face, it could be related to a form a rosacea and you need to avoid sun and heat (and alcohol) which can irritate this form—or visit a dermatologist for other suggestions. 

If you get rashes elsewhere, it could be an allergy to gunk in the water or to the brand of sunscreen you are using. If it itches, try using a little over-the counter cortisone cream to calm the skin (but avoid using on the face without doctor’s approval). 

If you get a rash in your groin area or in places that, shall we say, rarely see the light of day, it could be a type of yeast infection—do NOT put cortisone on those areas and consult a doctor for advice. (Actually, a good way to treat skin yeast infections can be short exposure to the sun and air to dry out the area—same with diaper rash—but unless you are a baby, air out those areas in private ‘cause no one wants to see that).

Hot weather skin | Tips to fix those troublesome issues

Sun spots and other pigmentations problems? You’re in luck because Platinum has all the amazing get-rid-of pigmentation products, click here and see all your great options for lightening those spots.

Your skin can be dry during the summer, especially if you live in the arid parts of the world. Hydrate your skin to keep it looking and feeling its best. Super-moisturize with Pure Virgin Shea Butter and Platinum Lip Butters which come in several delicious flavors; for extra moisture, apply to your skin while it is still a little moist from your shower or bath—this will lock in the moisture in your skin. You can also mix in Emu Oil with your favorite face or body creams for extra moisture.

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