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Dr. Platinums Potions

Dr. Platinums Potions - Custom Skin Care

strongest skin care, custom actives

Custom Skin Care Products!

Do you want the strongest, most active products? We have got you covered. No One Can Touch The Strength Of These Custom Potions! Our amazing Intense Custom Potions will amp-up ANY product you have!

  • Use them alone - if you DARE!
  • Mix them together to create one Super-Product!
  • Or add them to our already high-powered Platinum products for absolutely amazing results!!!

With Dr. Platinum's Potions YOU can play "Mad Scientist" and create your own formulations with our Super-Intense product boosters! Patented peptides and stem cells to mix and match as you like. If there were ever a "miracle anti aging skin care product", this is it, and YOU are the one creating it. The Intense Active solutions we are making available to you here are literally 20X-60X stronger (35%-75% as opposed to 1-5%) than what you would find in a pre-formulated product. These INTENSE COMPLEX POTIONS come directly from the manufacturer and are formulated in our FDA registered laboratory into a workable solution for you to PLAY with! No messing with "cooling phases" or having to worry that it can only go in water or oil bases - Just ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES and apply!

If you would like us to customize your product, just tell us what you want. Choose from the following:
-Premixed Potion Combo's 2 options
-Premixed Potion Combo's 4 options